Hapax - Knob Replacement Program

Hey everyone,

As many of you have noted, a number of encoder knobs were defective in the first batch of Hapax.
First of all, please accept our most sincere apologies for the inconvenience. We quickly realized the issue, and have been working to resolve it. We changed the design of the knob to alleviate the issue, and after receiving the new production units, we can confirm the redesign solves it.

We will send free replacement knobs to all customers that requests it.

Simply fill this form and we will send the replacement knobs ASAP.
All the customers of the first batch will get an email when these knobs are ready to ship, sent to the email address used at checkout. Please note this email will be a one-off, and you will not be subscribed to any marketing mailing-list.

All future units - June 2022 batch included - will have the revised non-defective knobs.

Thank you for your understanding.


Great work!

Are these completely different knobs or only different from the inside?

Good to hear that you changed the knobs. Hope you now have improved your quality check on the units, so you know that the hardware is ok, before they are send to users in the future.

The internal structure has been changed, and the knobs tested for wearing.

Frankly, we’ve always had what I’d consider rigorous QC, unfortunately this defect was an early failure of the internal structure, rather than a defect present at assembly.
Like I said, these new knobs have also been QC’d independently, and tested for wearing.


what does ASAP mean? I filled out the form on the day I received the email … 17.05…
still haven’t heard anything nor I received new knobs yet.

I contacted them about it and got the following response today:

The bulk order for the new knobs have not arrived yet.
We’ll notify everyone who signed up when they’ll arrive and we start shipping them.

“As Soon As Possible”

I’m guessing they’ve been hit by the Shanghai lockdowns like most people

[checks Osmose pre-order from 2019]

Did this form expire? I just started experiencing the encoder issue this morning and found this post. Went through signing up for a fremaforms account and everything and now it says access denied.

I got the replacement knobs but they are exactly the same as the ones that came with the unit.

Has anybody else received the replacement knobs? Are they the same?

I didn’t received the new ones yet but I had so many click failing that I bought those ones: https://store.djtechtools.com/products/chroma-caps-knobs-and-faders.
I have to say it made an incredible difference. I cannot recommend it enough.

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They’re not, the design is the same, the measurement which was off and causing the issue has been changed.

@Techsture send me a DM with your address, I’ll send you a pack.

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Yes, sorry, I see they have a small difference in the interior.

I’ll try them tonight, thanks very much!

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Hi !

I have received the new knobs here in New Caledonia, thank you very much !

Just received the new set! Thank you! Y’all are the best!

Which ones did you order? Encoder?

Yes the encoder ones.

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I have the thin encoders, and they work well too!

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I tried filling out the form but it said I don’t have access (I think? It was in French). S/N 008 here

I had my first knob fail today after a few months of constant use … popped one of the replacement knobs on and voila, working perfectly. Thanks Squarp! :slight_smile: