Hapax - Knob Replacement Program

I’ve just gotten a hapax and am experiencing this issue after 1 day of use. The link to the form says access denied so I’m not sure how to proceed.

Hi @fdbeardd,

I’m very sorry for the trouble.
You can reach customer support through our contact form:

We’ll sort this out as fast as possible.

Thanks, I’ve used the form to reach out too so I’ll wait to hear back.

How is this possible on one of the newer models? Thought this only happend on older ones.

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Due to miscommunication, this single unit it was shipped with the faulty knobs. I’m positive this is a one-off mistake.


arggg. my knobs are having some issues… would love to get them replaced.
is this replacement program still going?


Did you bought Hapax recently?

DJ Techtools had a Black Friday sale on chroma caps, so I decided to try them out also. I went with the “thin encoders” and they are now, by far, my new favorites for the Hapax!

I was worried they’d be too chubby to get my fingers between them, but they’re just right. They’re grippy, super easy to click down with, highly visible, and their weight just feels better with the hollow clickiness of the Hapax encoders.

Also, I mean, just look at them!

EDIT: Actually the Black Friday sale is still going on if people want a deal.


NICE! Looks great. Any rubbing on the faceplate when pressing down for secondary settings?

Nope, plenty of clearance. I’d guess about 1/16 of an inch.