The alternative knobs (and other modifications) thread

I wanted to start a thread where people could show off their alternative knobs and other possible modifications (also, I’ve had multiple people ask me which knobs I’m using on my Hapax, and it’s been hard to find my original post).

If you arrived here because you have an early-model Hapax with encoder issues, please visit the knob replacement program post instead.

Hapax has 9 endless encoders with standard 6mm D-shaft knobs.

Here’s a photo of my Hapax. I’m currently using Grey Small Unskirted D - Sifam Plastic Knob with Small Encoder Black - Sifam Plastic Cap (No Line) from Thonk and they work great. The grey color makes them a lot easier for me to reach for in a dark room.

What custom knobs do you use, and what does your Hapax look like with them? Have you modified your Hapax in any other way?


I use some boss style knobs currently and ordered a few sets of knobs to try, but didn’t order enough of any set (ordering while tired ftw) so I am sticking with these until my next Tayda order.

I find a few bits of tape to display added info are the most useful to me. In the photo below, you can see several examples of this:

  1. I added a strip of tape below the grid with repeated numbers to make it easier to see what column I am in.
  2. I added some bpm info for specific tracks on a set on the top right.
  3. On the back, I added a bit of tape with higher contrast labels for gate/cv outputs.
  4. Not shown, I did pick up a decksaver for travel and to reduce dust. It fits nicely.


I also use the Sifam knobs, but black, with skirt and with light grey caps. Even with skirt they do click well :slight_smile: