Reminder : Feature Requests and Bug Reporting

we have quite a few new users to the forums - welcome : )

a quick reminder…

Bugs and Feature Requests

Squarp have asked that all bugs and feature requests (for all products) are submitted via thier website using the contact form (not as posts on this forum)

This contact form allows Squarp to log every request with all the information they require.
It ensures they can follow up/track requests and contact you if they require more information or details.

This will provide you with the best possible feedback, since Squarp know the products inside/out and are the only ones that can determined if feature you would like is feasible (given dev constraints etc) and aligns with the focus of the product.

Community Forum

The focus of this forum is to provide community resource.
It provides a valuable way to share ideas with the community, troubleshoot issues you may have , use the features of each of the (Squarp) products and help apply them to your particular setup.

of course, its great to discuss possible features with others from the community.
however please ensure a feature request is submitted to Squarp first. (as above)
with the response to that submission, you will have an idea of what is viable/possible from the developers - so, you can include that , to help frame the discussion in the community, with realistic expecations, and hopefully can lead to a positive outcome and follow up to Squarp on your submitted feature request.

finally a reminder, please don’t necro post (reply to an old forum post) esp. bugs/issues.
the firmware of all products are updated pretty frequently, so even if you see a similar issue in the past, it may not still be exactly the same due to firmware changes.
also - if is not been fixed, then its possible it was not reported, or did not contain enough information, so a new bug report via the contact form is much more useful, so that it can be tracked/followed up.

Thanks for your help