USB Host -> connect multiple devices through usb hub?

Is it possible to connect multiple devices to the USB Host port by using a USB Hub?

If not, would it be possible to add this in a firmware update?

It doesn’t work at the moment - even with just a single device plugged into a hub that’s plugged into the Host port, so not sure if there is some kind of limitation going on there that’s stopping it from seeing the USB device that’s on the other side of the hub.

I’ve tested the same hub and device on my laptop, and that works fine via the hub there. But obviously it’s a much bigger system and codebase, so there could be all sorts of magic going on there.

I have read (but never used one, so can’t confirm) that the Retrokits RK006 USB host supports devices off of a USB hub, so maybe look there if you fancy it.

Thanks. Will keep it with my mio4 then.

Would be nice if it could be implemented in a firmware update though! :slight_smile: I think Deluge did exactly that, IIRC.

It’s possible it’s coming…

I don’t know much about USB MIDI implementation, but this possibly is related?

They’re related, in that they are both related to USB MIDI connections, but addressing virtual cables over a single USB MIDI connection is a totally different issue than enabling multiple USB MIDI connections connected via USB hub.

Maybe @Thibault_Squarp can speak to whether connecting multiple USB MIDI devices via USB hub will be supported!

Fair enough. I did warn you I didn’t know what I was talking about.

for those, coming to this topic, not familiar with the terminology, let me add some background… as it can get confusing !

usb hubs and midi usb hubs/routers are from a tech perspective very different.

usb hub support
this would allow multiple usb devices to be plugged in… and then we would select the usb device for (e.g.) a track - this is what the OP was requesting.
Id like to see this added :slight_smile:

from a tech/dev perspective, usb hub support needs explicit coding in firmware… they don’t just work ‘invisibly’… as they (mostly) do from a users perspective.

usb midi hub/routers, allow you to connect multiple midi device to it, but are seen by the host (hapax in this example) as ONE device… and hence will work with hapax (unlike a usb hub)

of course, the question is … how to you then address the devices that are connected to this midi hub?
well the simplest way, often, is to use midi channels. and this will work with the hapax.

however, this means we are limited to 16 channels.
so the usb midi protocol has 16 ‘virtual cables’ , which now means we have 16x16 channels.
and we can use these virtual cables to route to different devices on the midi hub.
(some also call these cables - ports, as they appear on most OSs as separate midi devices, but its cable number in the midi spec, so there is a bit of a terminology issue here)

I have raised this all with Squarp a while ago :slight_smile:

for my general use-case (with mioXM) , using midi channels is ok… the main issue is with my Virus TI , which is 16 part multi-timbral, so would use all 16 channels, but in practice, I tend to only use 4-8, so its ok.
however, the bigger issue is MPE… here a single instrument will use all 16 channels. generally this is a problem for me, when using DAWs as I have different MPE instruments on different tracks, and I need to be able to switch between them,

so yeah, Id love to see these virtual cables supported by Hapax as well :slight_smile:

(I actually mention this on my first hapax video)


Unless i’m misunderstanding you, I have a similar “issue.” However, what I’ve done is connect the Hapax B DIN out directly to my Alesis in (and the alesis out is hooked into the MioXM so it can control other devices; no other device will control my alesis) – that way I have all 16 channels for the alesis on Midi B, but still have Midi A, C, and/or USB for all my other devices.

If I’m misunderstanding, I’ll delete this comment later :wink:

sure… this is an option…
but I use mioXM so that I can control this centrally when Im not using the Hapax.
indeed, if you alway use the Hapax, then you can choose to use it as a router as well.

so, Ive no issue with workarounds… and I just choose whats I find has least compromises for what Im doing.

so really just an illustration of why having virtual cables over USB can be useful (beyond MPE which perhaps a bit niche :wink: )

Has this been implemented yet? If not, is it on the table?

No, but we plan to address this in the future


That’s great to hear Thibault! :+1: