Connecting to USB MIDI device with multiple "virtual" cables?

When I connect my mioXL to my AKAI Force or PC over USB MIDI via its “To Host” port, I can individually address all of its USB MIDI “virtual” cables, and I can send and receive MIDI on channel 1-16 of each “virtual” cable.

(The USB MIDI 1.0 spec talks about “virtual” cables in detail, but the TL;DR is that there can be up to 16 “virtual” cables per USB MIDI connection, and each “virtual” cable has 16 channels, like a physical DIN MIDI cable does)

When I connect my mioXL to Hapax, it doesn’t seem to be aware of USB MIDI “virtual” cables. The only USB track input / output settings I see are limited to USB Device and USB Host, each with Channels 1-16. I don’t see any way of selecting a “virtual” cable, which means I don’t seem to have any way to assign Hapax tracks to the MIDI devices I have connected to my mioXL.

Does anyone know how to do this?

This is not currently supported.
It is on our roadmap.


Ok, thanks. I eagerly await its implementation!

@Thibault_Squarp out of curiosity, what’s the current behavior? Does Hapax just send and receive messages to/from virtual cable 1? Or does it use all virtual cables?

I could be wrong, but I believe we ignore the cable number, so we use all cables.