Start pattern from the middle?

I’m a bit rusty a I haven’t done much with the squarp except some fairly basic stuff for a while.
I’ve recorded a 16 bar pattern on one track.
There is an error on bar 15
I want to be able to either start playplayback at bar I can quickly edit and hear result. or loop bar 15 of that pattern.
Is there a way to do either of these things ?

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See Realisation: Long Track Length & Listening/Editing w/out playing from the beginning every time and/or Play from Bar xx ...?

It’s cumbersome but far less so than not having it at all :sweat_smile:

Ah nice one, cheers for the steer

In case you wonder why I didn’t just explain it: I couldn’t have. In all this time I’ve yet to properly internalize the process, so I just end up fumbling with play, stop and jumping around the pages until I get where I want. My fingers remember it far better than I do :joy:

Ha ha no worries. I know the feeling exactly.
Combine that with just learning the m8 and mpc1000 and is all getting a bit blurry

Scroll to the bar you want, double tap “play”.


Oh that’s cool. Thank you. Couldn’t see that in the manual (is an old print out so maybe out of date)

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I don’t know if it’s in the manual… It just happens to work! (I have the play pad mode set to play/restart)

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Of course… As pointed out in the other threads, the key is “with the sequencer already running, press play”. Which is what a double-tap achieves.
A double-tap is finally a short-cut to this that I can actually remember. Thank you! :heart:

AFAICS the closest the manual comes to describing this is in the PLAY PAD settings. It’s interesting that the PLAY/RESTART mode is described as “a press on the PLAY pad will always restart all tracks from the beginning”, which is nothing like what actually happens. It seemed to me it actually behaves the same as RESTART BEAT option (which in itself is undocumented), but that’s just an impression, didn’t validate it in any detail.

I will never understand why there’s no direct shortcut to “start from here” though.

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Is it actually possible to, for example, in a four bar pattern, delete bars 1 + 2 and keep bars 3 + 4 ?
Changing bar lengths doesn’t give that option. I’m hoping I’ve been missing something the past 2 years!

You can certainly rotate the patterns start point so that the start point moves… and then shorten the pattern


Excellent! Thank you.

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