Play from Bar xx ...?

hi folks,

if i have a 40 Bar length Track , how to start play/rec at Bar 23 ?


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it’s a bit inconvenient live :slight_smile: but you can do it.
go to step mode, select the page with < and > you want to skip to, then press PLAY and then right after that press STOP once.
next time you press play it will start at the current page that was selected.

so, have the zoom level to show bars in one page, go to page 23 and do that thing i said :smiley:

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To reply to myself, this feature would greatly be enhanced, if you could set the default starting point for a track this way, by pressing stop once when sequencer is already stopped., or even when running with 2nd+stop, so you could do it live for the next launch of the track.

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Thank you! It works! Also Record works in this way! ( Insert)
But if you want to record another Sound ( additional Strings to a Piano Improvisation at bar 23 ) you have to copy the whole ( piano ) track and than delete the Rest. This is also not a comfortable Workaround.

Hmm, AFAICT it initially always starts at the beginning of the track, regardless of what page you’re on. Which is why it’s such a PITA. After stopping it, it’ll indeed start at the beginning of the page where stopped. Which helps as long as you don’t let it advance to the next page, but then you’ll have to do it from the start again.

This is one of my bigger annoyances with the Pyramid, and makes you want to split tracks to smaller-than-logical units. It’d help hugely if you could just jump to previous/next page, and lock it to loop on current, similar to what SEQ mode has.

interesting, is this described in the manual? or is it a bug that might get removed in the next update?

Continuing from the page where it was stopped is documented in

Press to stop the sequencer. If you are working with multiple pages (see Step Mode section), pressing once stops the player at the current track page, while pressing twice rewinds to the beginning of the track.

But there’s no way of starting at a user-defined location without playing all the way from the start AFAICS.

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You don’t have to play all the way first.
After stop is pressed once while playing, it starts next time at currently visible page, not where it was playing.
So it does require the awkward play+stop first.

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Oh, oookkay…

The key is that player position tracking must be disabled. I almost always have it enabled, which is why I had trouble reproducing this. Then, while the Pyramid is playing, when you hit stop, it jumps to whatever page you currently have visible, and will continue from there on the next play.

That’s so awkward (not to mention undocumented) that it smells more like a bug than an intentional feature to me, but it does allow you to jump to the end of a long track quickly, so it is a useful quirk.

I know I’ve encountered this by accident at some point on v2.3, but then I failed to reproduce at will so I must’ve shrugged it off as a glitch fixed in a later version. Thanks @jahasw for the tip!


Still think Squarp should implement the PAD+PLAY shortcut to start playback from a specific position. This shortcut is unused right now, and it would really help with editing specific regions.
Maybe even pad-range + play to loop a range in a pattern, but that might be harder to implement.

If enough people request it, they might consider adding it.



Just sent them such a request. This would really be helpful.