Realisation: Long Track Length & Listening/Editing w/out playing from the beginning every time

Apologies if this was obvious or common knowledge to everyone.
It wasn’t to me and just in case there’s someone almost as dumb as me, I’m going to pass this along.

I have a Track of 38 Bars, but I want to edit bar #8. i don’t want to have to keep restarting the track from the beginning and waiting and counting 7 bars.

In Step Mode, and I think you need the Play [>] button to be [Restart] (at least I have mine set at that): when I’m playing the Track, I press Play [>] and it restarts at the bar that is in display in Step Mode.

I want to edit a different bar?
I just scroll to that bar and press Play.

So elegant.
Why did I not know this already?
This is bril!

See Play from Bar xx ...?, prior to that topic I had lost half my hair fighting the urge to throw this expensive piece of gear that cannot jump to an arbitrary location of a 48 bar track whose last bar I wanted to edit (but did not want to grow old listening to) at the wall…

What you describe here doesn’t quite match my experience with that behavior though, and further this ability to jump around stops working at all if player position tracking is enabled (because the restart point is where you press stop, which is the currently playing page). But maybe there’s something else affecting the behavior too. What restart option exactly you have Play pad configured to? Mine is at “play/restart”, which I think is the factory default.

Restart Option I have is Restart Beat

Workflow wise: I tend to leave the sequencer running while I do things. I get annoyed when I have to stop playback just to ‘do a thing’, so this is probably how I ran across this.

This differs from from the previous thread (“Play from Bar xx …”) I think. Well, effectively I’m not playing it from the bar in my workflow, i just want to edit a section.

While the sequencer is playing, I scroll to the window I want to edit and every time I press the Play while the sequencer is running, this Track restarts at the window that I’m on (By ‘window’ I mean the section of the Track in Note View (sorry, losing terminologies) and the Zoom level - what is on the screen)

I ran across this editing a snare fill Track that normally doesn’t play unless I press a button on my control surface. This allows me to edit each separate bar of fills in Step Mode and preview it before moving on.

Also apologies: I’m undercaffeinated currently. :upside_down_face:

This makes my personal workflow easier.
Your mileage may vary, of course.
I haven’t tried it with recording live (playing), but I’m not really a keyboard player.

Player Position Tracking: Whut? I’m lost in all the menus, but I don’t remember this option to Enable/Disable. I’m not sure it will enhance my experience so I will remain blissfully and belligerently ignorant. :laughing:

Note: All my Tracks are in Relatch Mode. Maybe that’s a thing and why it would work differently for you? I have a rather complex control surface/script sending many CC messages to the Pyramid, but I’m pretty sure none of that affects what I’m doing - and I’ve duplicated the process with the control stuff off.


Bingo, that was the missing piece: press play while already running.

I’ve probably never hit play while already running even by accident, but stopping to think about it, that’s of course exactly what the play pad setting is about. No wonder I noticed no difference when hitting play and stop as I always do :smile:

So that’s a variation to the theme in the other thread, the common thing being that in order to jump around, it needs to be running. So when I usually keep it stopped, I need to start it to jump and then stop again, which seems just annoying (although of course minor nit compared to having to listen from start every time).

FWIW, I only use relatch mode too, trigger I haven’t found any use for yet and freerun never fails to make a mess of my songs, so I don’t even try anymore.

Player position tracking is 2nd + DISP, it makes the current page follow the song position (Pyramid Manual | Squarp instruments) which I find rather priceless. Ability to jump around in the track is at least as priceless, so thanks for the tip on another way of achieving that!

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Well now, I’m rather happy I was able to ‘give back’ to someone whose posts I usually find most informative. Yay.

re: Trig Mode - To be honest I’ve been off re-imagining my interface with the Pyramid and I’ve yet to implement this, but I have a whole bank scheduled for “one shots”, which will all be Trig Mode. Everything else is Relatch.

I don’t really have a use at all for Free Mode because I often (enough) change meter and generally need all Tracks in a section of music to at least all start together at the beginning of the section - not at the beginning of the whole piece. But, “geek moment”: I have a workaround. heh heh

And thank you for the info on Play Position Tracking!
Good info to know!
Be well!

Ah ha that’s what I was looking for thank you @pmatilai