Sidechaining on Hapax

Anyone care to share the technique or refer to a section in the manual?


This thread goes into depth on generating a CV sidechain envelope, and the expected vs observed behavior of the 1.12 firmware.

What I want is have my bass synth to make that sidechaining/pumping sound. No need to connect it to the drum. Is that possible?

You can probably just use an automation on CC7 and shape it to taste

Thanks! Is there another way to sidechain?

There are hundreds of ways to get a pumping sidechain effect, some with the Hapax and some completely outside of it. It would be helpful if you tried the most straight-forward methods first (listed above). That way, if they don’t work for you for some reason, you can explain why so we have an idea of what direction to steer you in.

I meant on Hapax. :grin:

How is your bass synth connected to Hapax? Midi or CV?


@xeamus , not quite sure where the confusion is here?

ENV/Sidechain does not need any sound/drum machine etc…
the hapax is doing this all via midi… (and note events) , no audio /cv is used/needed.

basically, sidechain is just an inverse envelope, and envelopes are triggered by midi notes.

the other quirk for sidechain, to make it ‘audio like’ is that it can be triggered by a specific midi note,
rather than all midi notes.

so, the basic operation would be. (in you case)

put it on your bass track…
then use a specific note e.g. C0 (that you don’t want the base to play?) to trigger the envelope to get the pumping effect using a CC.
so specific example

place C0 on first note of every bar (i.e. where you want the pump) , make it a short note.
Sidechain = C0
Destination = CC7 (this commonly controls volume on a patch)
set env to taste… often you’ll want a fast attack, and a bit of release.

one slight complication…
I think the C0 will not be filtered out, so it’ll go thru to your bass synth, which you obviously don’t want…
but you can use a FILTER FX following the ENV to filter this note out.

you can use any note for the trigger note… e.g. G10 might work better for a bass synth, as its well out of the range you’d normally use… just adjust the FILTER FX to remove specific note.

as Ive mentioned on previous topics, I think ymmv, using midi for ‘fast envelopes’ like this… it depends a lot on your setup, and also the synth involved, as to how responsive the change will be.
also look out for synths that will slew CC changes (*) , these may slow the response further.

(*) its pretty common for synths to slew CCs, since 7 bit midi is pretty ‘steppy’, so usually they slew between the steps so you don’t hear this… this works fine, but in some implementations, this will slow down the response rate for very fast midi changes.


Thanks alot! :sunglasses: