Hermod+ whishlist

So nice! The only change I’d ask for is for the CV sampling to respond to short triggers (maybe a setting to hold until next trigger for triggers, a setting to hold for gate length for gates?) Right now it only works with longer gates.

Hmmmm interesting - is it just not picking up the trigger at all? What’s the trigger length you’re sending in?

I’ll have to look on the scope tomorrow. EOC trigger from Cnoc, trigger from the OCHD expander didn’t work. Fall stage gate from Cnoc did work. Pulse from intellijel Noise Tools and others also worked great. Will report back regarding trigger length- that’s surely the determining factor here. The sampled CV seems hold until the next gate regardless. Makes sense that it’s set up this way for keyboard CV+gate output.

I’d report that to Squarp. Hopefully they can improve the trigger response.

I was having a lot of fun playing with this today.

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You can assign Mod out to PC CC (I think it’s 99? i forget). But the implementation would be different per piece of outboard gear I assume… would be nice to have a “send PC message on first step” of each track so that you can actually sync presets across seqs and projects.

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This is crucial. +1. Short of asking for an implementation of an entire Elektron sequencer… this at least would help vastly with experimentation. I get that “rotate” would be a little weird, but you could imagine toggling rotate with or without the masked notes included.

The trigger issue was addressed in the latest firmware. I just had not updated yet. Everything works like a charm. I just ordered a second Hermod+ for another rack. I can’t find any other combination of modules to generate pitch CV, modulation, and gates that comes close to meeting it on price, size, and CV precision. I was worried about having to use a screen and learn an interface but this thing is a piece of cake.

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My requests are:

  • To have a Clock Divider and Multiplier as an effect, to have it global and per track
  • To have the option separate clock by track or at least to have to or three different ones
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+1 for clock divider/multiplier per track

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I’m curious, what do you mean by clock divider/multiplier? Can the ARP / Euclid effects not achieve this?

Ouuff, another very Big plus 1 here for forwarding midi from the active channel to the selected channels output destination when a pattern/claip on that channel is deactivated.
On the old Hermod, you could have a pattern running, then deactivate that clip and just play a variation of that clip on a midi keyboard, live, and then go back to the recorded pattern on the fly by activating it again. that was super useful! We need that on hermod+ too!

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Can we extend CV REC Enable to work with midi CC too? That would be lovely!!!

Can we bring back the “Track + PAD” track selection method? That would enable us to select each of the 16 Tracks (both MIDI and Normal) on the fly, from one single overview, without having to toggle between being able to select either midi or normal tracks.
I have to jump around selecting MIDI Tracks and Normal Track a lot. And I can already see me messing this up in a live situation. (i know, blue/yellow … but still :slight_smile: )

also, sorry for spamming… I just finally installed Hermod+ into my live rig, and now a few things pop up here and there while implementing everything :slight_smile:

Oh, and the good old “STEP + last pad inside a Sequence” selection method doesn’t seem to have made it onto the new hermod?

How do I select all Notes within a pattern to shorten the length of every note in one go? especially when it has more than one page?

Naming Tracks would be super dope.

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Yes! Both ideas would be really useful. I was using the Transpose on Midi Track 16 the other day and going between that Track and the CV Track was a lot of repeating button presses. This would simplify it a lot!

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Right now you have to zoom out - though zooming out is limited to 4 bars and patterns can be 16 bars long so it’s not ideal currently.

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gotcha… thanks! that works for now …although I find the old shortcut more practical : )

I just realised, that “TRACK + PAD” does that weird global mute thing, that I never use. Can we have an option somewhere in the misc section, that allows us to have “TRACK + PAD” select tracks instead of global muting them?
This would be such a good was of reliably selecting channels!