Hermod+ whishlist

Hello ! ( First post :slight_smile: )
I would like a shortcut to quickly load next project in the list of projects? ( If I name projects 1 , 2 , 3, etc , or A1, A2, etc, it would be very fast to access to next project ) .
Or at least : when you access the load menu , have the current project selected, or maybe next project selected ?

I use multiple projects in a live, because I use a lot of sequences.

Yes that would be useful to have the current project be the one highlighted in the list of all projects in alphabetical order.

Can you add an option to specify not just a CV for REC Enable, but to be able to choose a specific rec mode that goes with that CV input. For Example: Have normal rec mode / overdub when pushing the rec button, but as soon as you apply CV to one of the inputs, it records in Hard Rec mode. That would be fantastic to correct errors when live looping midi. Or you could choose different CV inputs for different Rec Modes! That would be fantastic!

How are the chances, that some Hapax Features might hop on to a future Hermod+ firmware? I could definitely see me use that Match chords feature, or Snapshot during live performances… :heart_eyes: