Hermod+ whishlist

too early anyone? : ))))

I’ll go first:
please bring back the midi output effect
It is one of the backbones of my live setup.

The possibility to use tracks both for midi AND CV/Gate at the same time was the one thing that made Hermod such an incredibly powerful live sequencer for me! But that is now gone. or am I missing something? is there a way to cross reference tracks with midi tracks or something?

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Interesting, mine won’t arrive for another few days, but the manual seems to imply (at least it seems so?) that this is still possible. When you long press one of the track buttons, is there not an “output” option in the menu there?

Ya, here in the manual it says this:

" CV/Gate tracks

TR1 to TR8 are the CV/Gate tracks (which can also output MIDI). Press one of the 8 track selection switches to Select the corresponding track."

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not the same.

nice!! Ya thats good to hear, means you can do that AND still have an 8th fx slot available. I always found it weird in the original that the midi input and output settings were in the fx section. Really like they are accessible in a more direct way now.

Preroll: configurable amount of last x beats to play before start of pattern

Quantize: please add 12 8 6 and 4

Ability to swap global and local mutes (local mutes is now directly accessible by pressing track# button, global mute requires simultaneously pressing track and track#, i only ever use global mute, so it would be so, so, so much better to to that just by pressing the track#)

Nice! Did you already get your hermod+ @a773? Love your music.

Thanks! Just it just arrived today. In love already!

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Handle pickups

Pickups are pretty normal in music. To be clear a pickup (my definition here) is “musical elements that occur at the end of one section, but musically/logically is a part of what’s happening in the next section” (like the first syllable “A” in the song “Amazing grace”).

Sadly no loop based sequencers that I know of handles this, Hermod+ included. In my own music this means that there are certain melodic possibilities that I simply don’t write, which I find a shame.

So I humbly request you fine people consider implementing pickups in Hermod+, it would really set the Hermod+ apart from everything else.

I attached a (dummy) composition that shows an example of that can’t be handled currently - well it can be handled, but it would require 6 sequences

  1. only pickup in line one, used if song is performed with A as first part
  2. A with first repeat (for A followed by A)
  3. A with second repeat (for A followed by B)
  4. only pickup for line 2 (last note in line 1), used if song is performed with B as first part
  5. B with first repeat (for B followed by B)
  6. B with second repeat (for B followed by A)

So basically an A-sequence for every combination of what comes before it (nothing, A or B), which means that with three parts the required number of sequences would be 12, exceeding the available number of sequences in the Hermod+. Also during the performance I would have to know (+ execute change) an extra sequence ahead so for AABBA, brackets indicated what I would have to press:
[select seq 1]
A pickup plays, while playing [select seq 2=“A->A”]
A plays, while playing [select seq 3=“A->B”]
A plays, while playing [select seq 5=“B->B”]
B plays, while playing [select seq 6=“B->A”]
B plays, while playing [select seq 2=“A->A”]
A plays, [stop Hermod] before pickup plays
A plays, while playing

Ok, so how would I like to see pickups implemented?

  1. Every sequence has a per track setting of “preroll”, in beats (lets say SEQ2/track2 has preroll of 4)
  2. Whenever switching to SEQ 2, the last 4 beats of SEQ2/track2 would play early starting 4 beats in advance
  3. Every sequence has a per track setting of “postroll”, in beats (lets say SEQ3/track2 has postroll of 4)
  4. Whenever switching from SEQ 2, the first 4 beats of SEQ3/track2 would play after the switch, then resume playback of the new, switched-to SEQ on beat 5
  5. It should handle that the performer changes her mind in the midst of pre/postroll.

I hope my explanation makes sense, that I didn’t mess it up and that you would consider this feature request, taking the Hermod+ to the next level!


Since technobear is not around, I thought I’d ask:

  1. are the devs actively reading this forum?
  2. when discussing bugs or as in this thread feature requests, is the best approach to discuss here a bit first and then send a formal feature request?
  3. is the official channel for requests still Contact us | Squarp instruments


If you think discussing with other users might improve on your proposal/feature-request/bug-report, feel free !

Yes. Using this greatly eases ticket triaging for us.

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Hi! My first lines un the forum.
I would like uTime to be in Hermod+

So far I’m enjoying my hermod+. I didn’t have the original, so its an overall new experience for me and so far has been fairly intuitive and straight forward.

I do have some requests though, that I think could make it far more powerful without over complicating things.

First, I heard the original hermod had unique effects per sequence/pattern. This makes way more sense to me and it feels like a major limitation on the hermod+. Being able to have one pattern contain randomizations, while another one doesn’t, is how I would expect to use it. Having randomization apply to every single pattern (or whatever the effect is) seriously limits compositional power in my opinion.
It would be really nice to have the option to have unique effects per seq/pattern.

Second, more mod matrix destinations! Specifically, being able to use track data as a source, like pitch, gate, velocity, modulation, etc. This would allow you to sequence effects per-step which would vastly open up the possibilities of this sequencer!

Lastly (for now! :slight_smile: ) would be the ability to make custom scales for quantization (maybe this is already possible? I didn’t find a way)

Overall I think its a great sequencer with a lot of potential, looking forward to further development!

I am pretty sure you can still edit effect per pattern, its just that now you have the option for both per pattern AND global which is an improvement from the original. I haven’t tried this yet, I just saw it mentioned in the manual:

"While a track can hold only one effect rack, it is possible to set specific values for effect parameters at a pattern level.

Once an effect has been added in the FX rack, Press the encoder to access its parameters.

To set a pattern value for a parameter, Scroll to highlight it and Hold the encoder to toggle between global value (shared by all patterns) or pattern value (this pattern only)."

But also, +1 about having track data as a mod source!! You can do that already by just patching a cable from a track cv output to one of the 4 cv inputs, but this would surely be exciting to have fully internally.

This is good to know! Definitely helps get around some of my issues, but would love the flexibility to have completely different effects per track

To be honest I never even thought of cross patching, so its cool that this is possible, but yeah, having internal routing would save you a lot of inputs/outputs!

I’m adding “Entering notes via the grid” to the list.

I would also add a tuner to the list. Metropolix from Intellijel does this very well

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OOPS! Ok, we DO need the midi output Effect back!
it’s not at all the same with how the per track midi output is implemented now. This is a bit of a show stopper for me. Can’t use Hermod+ like that in my current setup : (((

One of the things that were so powerful about Hermod was, that you could send Midi Out at a certain point in the Effect Chain. This was a game changer and my entire live rig is built around that idea.
I could have Hermod play chords via midi on a polysynth and AFTER the Midi output continue building the FX Chain with Arpeggiator, Euclidian Rhythm generator etc. and use that different but always matching melodic content via CV/Gate out for various other voices throughout my system
There is currently no way to do this, right?