Hermod Firmware Wishlist


I find the button LED lights a little dim and hard to see if something is enabled or disabled. So a small UI suggestion - visually displaying whether an effect/note/track in the screen UI as well as with the LED light.


I second the precision adder as described by Sunshine! :sun_with_face:


Could you guys please integrate the newly added stuff into the official manual?


I always have to google threads to find which button now allows the record on hitting first note (record + X) and all the other stuff that was added. Since there is no PDF manual we really need the online manual to be up to date :slight_smile:


A way to ‘offline’ (e.g. in your DAW) edit, program, and save/organize my sequences and projects


Was having same problem, reinstalled firmware and it’s been rock solid since, worth a try. Backup yr projects first.


So you can transpose using the scale effect, set mode to chromatic. This should do the trick right?


Yep, on the paper it should. Never had good results though, “note off” messages not sent, notes stucked during transposition. I switched to a more reliable solution since then


What solution if I might ask?


I use my Hermod with an LZX video system, and I would love to have a setting that scales my modulation outputs into the LZX standard 1V range.