Hermod Firmware Wishlist


Is this the right place to start a firmware wishlist?

Just got my Hermod and its a beast! If some of these are already possible let me know how to do them and some are just blue sky thinking, no awareness of what is possible on the hardware etc.

Things id like at first glance:

  1. Boot into last patch (can be last saved or auto saved)
  2. divide/mult clock per track
  3. Probability per step. I know the step menu is pretty full at the moment but this would be great

Im sure i’ll find tons more but a start :slight_smile:

  1. Slide/Legato for Mono-Tracks, not only Glide +++


number 2 is something i wished after a few minutes with the module too! seconded!


Yeah for this…
5. MUTE/UNMUTE modulation track. well separated on a modulation track, between GATE and MODULATION. Currently if I mutate my modulation, I also mute the gate.


Things I’d like to see (so far):

  1. add a “default” template (with step, effects, track, seq settings) that’s loaded when “new project” is selected
  2. auto-load the last played project when powered on (OP’s #2)
  3. allow bpm to be changed by turning the encoder while a single button is held down
  4. allow recording to either add notes (like it does now) or overwrite notes (removing existing notes)
  5. allow step display to auto-scroll with the clock when playing
  6. add a shortcut for resetting a step pattern, like hold record + press some other button

  1. UNDO & REDO is security


Number 4 and 5 you could deffo put on the list of essential upgrades.


I’ll add another one:

  1. in step and effects modes, show the current track, so if record is armed and we record, we do it in the right track! This could be done somewhere on the display or even setting that track’s right-side LED to red or similar

  1. Looper functionality like Pyramid! Would be even more useful in Eurorack!
  2. Ability to change the start and end point of a recorded sequence - so that you wont have to wait for Bar 1 when you live record sequences, but can move and edit them afterwards. Would make it much more flexible as a live recording sequencer!
  3. Ability to step advance via CV (trigger) in, like step sequencers a Roland SH101, MicroBrute, etc. Would be fantastic to be able to occasionally use Hermod as two or more step sequencers stepped independently by external trigger sources!


And another one:

  1. Ability to toggle (momentary or latch) “record” mode via CV input

  1. What about the possibility to use CV outs in a Gate/Trig mode to add more triggering option?

  1. I would be awesome to be able to route the LFO to some effects parameters instead of using external CV / MIDI for that… (ratchet speed for example)

  1. An effect stepmod, like the Pyramid, would also be super usefull (if not inevitable), since some effects are useless or less attractive without the possibility to do it step per step (probability for exemple) !


This is a must for probability!

  1. Transposition from midi note and record the transposition


I’ve got a few wishes too:


At the moment patterns only able to be whole bars.
I think that odd bars and patterns under 1 bar in length are also important.

1 beat, 2 beats, 3 beats, 1 bar, 1 bar/1 beat, 1 bar/2beats, 1 bar/3beats, 2 bars


Sequencing time is an important part of analog sequencing. It would be amazing to be able to separate the pattern from the master clock and implement a 1 step per clock input [via CV [A-D]

I actually really love how solid the Hermod clock is, the averaging works great, and it fun to play with by changing the clock source, but I really miss sequencing time. Entering a series of notes, and then the clock becomes the way those notes are expressed. Accidental, and wonderfully inspirational.
I think if there were a way to separate this from the master clock, we might even be able to sequence the melodic timing from another track on Hermod.


A method in step mode where we can grab all the notes and transpose them up or down.
Surely this is already coming, but I think it’s really important.


Possibly a midi effect where the pitch of patterns can be shifted + - in semitones and octaves.
Note quantize on or off
Ability to assign midi effect to CV - [A-D] or Midi CC in the mod matirx

Longer settings than 4/1 for LFO settings
8, 16, 32 would be very useful for very ong ramps, or interesting slow changes.

Audio rate modulation would be fantastic.
Faster LFO for FM and other tricks

Insert sine waves, square waves, triangle waves, ramps.
Very handy for modulation tracks.

Of course, the LFO really already does this doesn’t it?

This has come up as a solution for transposing things. I’ve been taking the CV out of the Keystep and inserting it to input one on Mutable Intruments LINKS Precision Adder. Then taking the CV out of a Hermod track and connecting it to input two of the Adder. The output goes off to the 1V/Oct input of the VCO. Now I can play the pitch of the sequence track on the keyboard at 1V/Oct and it’s great. I can also program a pitch voltage track on Hermod and sequence these pitch changes. All very cool.

But what about a MIDI Effect which is a Precision Adder?
Input A (external keyboard input - or could be a midi ch)
Input B (could be a second source, or an internal track)
CV output is now processed through the adder internally

This would rule.

I am just LOVING the Hermod. It’s already changed everything.
These are just a few ideas which I feel would really be useful.



I would like to be able to set up the CV clock IN to 24ppqn and be able to divide it by 2, 4, 8 to get ternary beats or 3, 6, 12 to get binary.


Another one, I don’t know if this has been said:

  • It would be awesome to be able to change the current track or toggle record via MIDI, like via bank or program change.


And some other ones, pretty crucial for my tastes :slight_smile:

  • options for retrigering (generate a gate) when notes are overlapping (no / only when following note is lower / only when following note is higher / any new note) ;

  • option to glide only when notes are overlapping :slight_smile:


Some method of arming record and disarming it with midi, gates, or even a set length (like at the end of the pattern it disarms record automatically) as options would be very useful.