Hermod Firmware Wishlist


Yes I understand that no major new feature will be implemented, no problem :slight_smile: but having the ability to transpose a track without quantizing the notes with a scale effect, don’t you think it’s possible to add a transposition option to the Midi Out effect ?


Why would one be interested In transposing unquantized tracks?! Transposition is by definition an operation in quantized note space.


:upside_down_face: an offset if you prefer… nevermind, problem solved ^^


How did you solve the “problem”?


I need transposition, not within a major or a minor scale, only within a chromatic scale and this is already a possibility offered by the actual firmware.


i have so many crashes with the hermod it is realy sad since the module is actually so great and i love it’s workflow! If it would only not crash anymore! Make it stable and rock solid please!!!


This is possible already now: just activate a a “3 voice” layout and choose “poly”. Ability to record polyphonic notes and distribute them in various ways is actually one of the strengths of Hermod.


I wish the modulation of effects via mod matrix wasn’t destructive/permanent. You can really break your fx settings by changing parameters with CV because they stay at that new value when you stop/change the modulation. I’d think it more logical to revert back to the settings as they were before CV changed them.


I reported this as a bug, next update👍🏻
Original settings should come back once you bypass the fx or undo matrix settings and this doesn’t happen at the moment


Thanks, I was stupid to not realize that for so long.


That’s good to hear. Aside from that quirk, putting CV into the effects is pretty amazing!


+1 for:

Note priority per track (High note/low note/last note). How is this not already included? At least for two-voice mode.

Adding a legato-only mode to the Glide fonction would be great as well.

This should be quite simple technically, no?


Did you achieve 7/16? It seems that track length is a division of 1/4th, so at most you can do 12/16, which is not that great for purpose


So is there a way to set seq length to something like 5/16? Maybe there is a reset seq in the mod matrix of something? Thanks!


Similarly to the Elektron products, Trigger Conditions would just give a sense of divinity on this sequencer. It’s just what missing from the modular world atm. Probability is good but not enough!


Looks like this didn’t make the 1.20 update. Dang it!


Adding something like a global tempo for Hermod à la beatstep pro to avoid bpm jump between projects would be awesome for live shows! As I prefer to use the sequencer as master tempo (being able to read the bpm on a screen :slight_smile:) instead of being forced to use a drum machine or a dedicated module as master clock. Maybe there’s already some kind of feature like that, but I wasn’t able to find it?


Just received my Hermod and love it. It already is an essential part of my setup.

But I would love a metronome mode!


Small UI suggestion: when in the effects page on an existing effect, use a single encoder click to go and directly edit the effect and use a long click to go to the edit / replace / copy / paste / delete effect. It’s a small thing but would speed up the single encoder workflow.

Kid Yo


I love this seq, this is my main unit for melodies, rythms, MIDI and LFO. But i need the Multiplier/devider for each track. Better, if that it will be realised as effect, for controling by CV.