Hermod Firmware Wishlist


Just got an Hermod today, really enjoying it. There’s a good chance this has been mentioned, but I would love a way to loop a sequence. Locking and replaying a sequence exactly as it just happened, including the results of any chance or probability effects.

I’ve been really enjoying using the effects to spice up and transform sequences, but it would be excellent to be able to quickly lock a sequence when things go just right.

Locking individual steps would be a nice feature as well, so a couple could be left subject to chance.


Couple more:

  • The ability to mute/un-mute effects via gate
  • A modifier effect. Similar to chance, but allows you to set specific conditions. For example, an effect is only applied on the 1st and 3rd steps

  • Input Clock Divider /24 for DINsync (it should be a no brainer, I think the Seq works with it internally anyway)
  • Transposing over CV accurate to 1V/Oct or adjustable


totally agree!


100% on this. It’s very important to me to for instance create a 5 or 7 step sequence that plays over other, more predictable 8/16/32 step sequences. It creates a lot of interest in composition :slight_smile:


This could also be achieved by letting steps in a certain resolution be deactivated (and therefore skipped).

So you could have 3/4 by deactivating steps 7 and 8 as long as they were completely skipped and the sequence moved immediately to the next step.

This would mean if you had one track with all 8 steps and one track with one step deactivated, their overlay would change in every repeating pattern.

If all tracks had the same number of skipped steps you would effectively be in another time signature.

This could be on a per track basis, rather than for each 1-64 […] boxes whatever we call them.


I just saw in your video you can do this! This is not a well documented feature

around 1:20 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZDYxpLTCyLg&list=PLf854BihJD43lBPDz9cN8rja0r_vHubvi&index=4


Just saw the video about the Pittsburgh Modular KB-1 and it seems to be able to take 2mono synths and play them with 1 keyboard like a polysynth. I don‘t know how the software picks which note uses which cv out (maybe lower note always cv 1 and high note cv 2 out) but ai would loooooooove to record a midi track sith chords and let hermod distribute the 3 notes of a chord in the same track played at the same time onto 3 different CV outputs so I could build a 3 Mono-synth Franken-Polyphonic Synth. The KB-1 video lets me think that this is doable?


Being able to record cv-note information without a gate being present. Furthermore, and on that note, being able to set beyond the standard A/B - CV/Gate input configuration (ex. ABCD: cv/cv/cv/gate etc.)


I was looking after a new sequencer and being interested in hermod, but that…
Some of the request are not even “new features” but straight up sequencer 101
E.g. Input behaving as precision adder… (as mentioned by sunshine)
I completely understand that featuring all wishes from users/futur users isn’t possible (sometimes technically)
But what’s the point? The more time you spend answering customers on YOUR OWN website forum the less time you got to work on a firmware you don’t plan to work on??? I don’t get it…
That’s quite sad because you have potential to become the maker of one of the best sequencer in eurorack world and a very respected company but it seems you’re not so concerned with that.


I was hesitating with your product and the Eloquencer and your message totally bummed me out ; I am now more or less convinced I won’t get the Hermod.


Hi guys,

For those who feel frustrated about the lack of feature updates. We never planned to add new features to Hermod. Yes, Hermod isn’t capable of everything, we have a lot of fun playing with it every day though. We are very happy with what we made and what you can achieve with this little piece of hardware. We have some good reasons to avoid adding new features (technical, time, architecture, so forth and so on). For the moment, our main priority is to make Hermod rock solid and reliable in every situation, and add small adjustments on the existing features.

Thanks a lot for all your suggestions, we keep them preciously.

Have fun!


I’m quite pleased with mine without all bells and whistles, but would love to chain sequences beyond max 8 in Song Mode.

At 128 BPM, with length set to 64 on each sequence, I can now only make tracks last +- 4 minutes.That’s not a lot of time.

Therefore it would be great if you could double the amount to 16 chained sequences per song. Please consider this @squarpadmin


I (probably like other people) have expected the same level of improvement in Hermod, in terms of stability and features, that Pyramid has seen since its release. Your statement is somewhat disappointing to me. I hope you can make it rock solid, but you still haven’t fixed the MIDI issue that’s been plaguing me for months, that I’ve reported across numerous firmware revisions. If you don’t, why not open source the firmware, so the community can contribute?


if i only had read this a week ago before i ordered my hermod. what a bummer :frowning:


Whoa! That really sucks. I just ordered from Comtrol Voltage and it’s arriving tomorrow. Sending it right back and going with Eloquencer instead…


Happy to hear that stability takes precedence over new functionality. A stable hermod is more important than anything it doesn’t have already.

Aside from a crash free firmware, I am interested in one day being able to change projects remotely. I love the ability to use program change to cycle through sequences, but I definitely long to be able to change projects in the same way. I could see this being implemented in the midi setup or mod matrix via cc#. Other than that, bravo and keep working toward a rock solid hermod!


Second this clock divide request. Would be so good to change individual track speed.


Can we have a shifting delay per track ? That’d be very useful. A simple transposer effect would be useful as well, transposing without having to put a scale quantizer effect… there’s the root note setting in the midi effect section but I don’t think it applies to pre-recorded sequence, is it ? Most of the time I’m not using the fancy effects provided with Hermod but I’m often missing simple things available in every daw… Something else: not a Hermod feature but a Squarp feature, a better or at least more frequent communication with the Hermod users of this forum… please ? Just let us know if something is happening or not, will or won’t be solved, Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi Elbertstein,

As said before we do not plan to add new features to Hermod. We are still working on bug fixes and we do our best to fix every bug found.

As you probably noticed, we kept the right to add minor features or adjustment. That’s why we added some features in the last HermodOs release like : autoload, hardrec, gate retrig…

We are currently working on Hermod bug fixes. So yes something is happening and we try to solve everything ! We will keep you posted as soon as possible.