Hermod Firmware Wishlist


I want midi FX like,

1 - “mutable instrument grid” FX it give you 4 trigs of generative drums.
2 - one row of tip top audio trigger riot


Edit multiple steps at once. Hold down several step buttons and transpose shift, change length etc.

Be able to transpose notes by an octave within the Step editor. Possibly by holding in the encoder, the note or notes(s)
and the Step button and turning the dial? Possibly an easier way.


This is probably unlikely but Id prefer to have a Note and Mod track. So you essentially get a CV pitch output from the CV and Modulation from the Gate output. Surely this makes more sense than having Modulation and Gate when in most cases you will want to open and close a filter using Modulation alongside its attributed note CV.


Ability to scale up and down notes and modulation. Once I’ve recorded some notes or modulation into the sequencer, I want to select all of the notes or modulation data and shift it all up or down to try different ranges etc please! :slight_smile:

Add more than 8 possible sequences. Having 8x8 would be great. Simply go to Seq, hold that button down while you select bank 1-8 and then choose a sequence within that bank. Happy days!


MPE Support. I have it on my Shuttle Control, would be great if Hermod had this too.


Here’s one for you guys:

I’ve been really wanting the ability to create additional tracks with the same outputs.

So for example:
CV and Gate Output 1
Content on Tracks 1,2,3 and 4 are all sending to Output 1.

More or less the addition of a routing option for the tracks to output tracks.

I know I can create another patten and switch between them, but I’ve found in my last few shows that I would actually really like to be able to continue from the same place, and not have to worry about Sequences and Patterns, but just remain focused on one place during that particular song.

I think (unless there’s already a way to do this which I haven’t found) that this would be a very helpful option and make things more flexible for everyone.


Have had the hermod for a day so please inform if these functions already excist.

  1. reset on stop output to go in conjunction with the clock out so other sequencer would be reset too if the hermod is stopped.
  2. smaller gate time in the piano roll than 1/8th note
  3. can’t get akai mpk mini to work although akai mpk series is listed as a device that should work


Isn’t “Burst” the same as “Rachet”, which we already have?

  1. Autosave + boot into last patch

  2. Divide/mult clock per track

  3. Connecting an external screen to one of the USB ports (phone, computer, tablet) and software which give a much larger and detailed user interface. What the developer did with the dinky LCD is amazing and sufficient for performance situations. But when developing patches, I would prefer to work with a larger display. Larger size would already help a lot (I think most people older than 40 would immediately agree…)

  4. Randomizer and its parameters controllable via the CV in. The randomizer is absolutely fantastic, but I need CV control for my purposes.

  5. Ability to edit all notes of recorded chords individually

  6. Expanders which double the number of outputs

  7. Giving up the distinction between gate and CV outs. 16 freely configurable out sockets, that’s the ultimate solution.

  8. Better documentation (especially videos, but at least all effect parameters should be covered in the written documentation -> see SCALE effect, which is incomplete). But I think this is work in progress.

Otherwise, I just want “more” of anything else - Hermod is a fantastic sequencer and a major game changer in my setup. Given that Hermod is at an early point in the product lifecycle, I would hope that Squarp publish some interesting firmware updates for early buyers (i.e. the people here).


They’re different things. The ratchet retriggers an env based on the division of a a master clock. the burst gen outputs random gates, w/ random parameters, spacing, etc.


That would be RACTHET + CHANCE. Don’t forget that the effects of Hermod interact. What I am missing is CV control of the Randomizer.


The following Effects would be interesting…

  1. Time Division/Multiplication
  2. Playing reverse
  3. Playing the sequence in random order (many ways to implement that)
  4. Mirroring of notes relative to defined note

i.e generally more algorithms which modulate/transform pitch in a systematic manner. For example, what about a twelve-tone midi effect à la Schönberg :wink:


I would like to see this :

  • Re-randomise steps on trigger received at one of the CV inputs

  • Re-randomise some steps on trigger received at one of the CV inputs

  • Rotate steps on trigger received at one of the CV inputs

With these and the right random parameters (note length, quantisation) this will be a very powerful pattern generator with sequence variation a la Turing Machine


I’d like to see a “random all” in the randomise section


Would be cool if you could tune pitch automatically. Like send the pitch on channel 1, receive the oscillator on input A, correct the voltage being sent out until it matches the correct pitch, and then mult the oscillator voice through B.

basically putting an endorphin.es autopilot inside. probably not possible. but we can dream :slight_smile:


"Odd numbered steps for patterns" — please make this number 1 priority! This shall be included in the future OS update! Without this feature, Hermod is useless for techno music in which 9\16 or 7\16 measures are combined with 4\4 measure for polyrhythmic stuff! I rarely use regular measures in my music and it is such a PITA Hermod can’t do that and this is a basic feature of almost any sequencer out there in Eurorack


Has anyone mentioned the idea of paraphonic or polyphonic CV/Gate output modes?
It would be really amazing to be able to play multiple output channels in Para or Poly mode from a single control track.


add the LFO ramp down = Saw ! this shape is so important


1 connect a keyboard to the usb connection to enter the name of a project when saving a project.

2 even with my glaces i have problem to read the project name to load, in live situation i just can’t read the screen(spots light). please put the project name full screen!


I’ve wondered about adding a little bracket with a screen magnifier on it, something like this:

And giving Hermod a little 12 Moneys scientists action.