Hermod Firmware Wishlist



  • boot into last patch / auto-load the last played project when powered on
  • save random parameters settings in project
  • add a “default” template (with step, effects, track, seq settings) that’s loaded when “new project” is selected
  • allow bpm to be changed by turning the encoder while a single button is held down
  • undo & redo
  • in step and effects modes, show the current track, so if record is armed and we record, we do it in the right track
  • add the possibility to re-arrange the order of the effects.
  • possibility to chose wether the lfo and modulation run or stop when the device is stopped or doesn’t receive a clock.
  • possibility to change the behavior of the external modulation source in input a, b, c or d.
  • possibility to save and recall an effect rack
  • ui visual thing but a confirming “saved” on screen
  • shortcut to clear a track
  • track names
  • ability to toggle (momentary or latch) “record” mode via cv input
  • be able to change the current track or toggle record via midi, like via bank or program change.
  • arming record and disarming it with midi, gates, or even a set length
  • record multiple tracks simultaneously
  • possibility to quickly duplicate a set of step pages. “duplicate loop”
  • tap tempo!


  • divide/mult clock per track
  • support triplets in quantized mode (1/8T - 1/16T - 1/32T)
  • overdub / 1 shot / erase options when recording
  • probability per step.
  • slide/legato for mono-tracks, not only glide
  • mute/unmute modulation track separated on a modulation track, between gate and modulation
  • allow recording to either add notes (like it does now) or overwrite notes (removing existing notes)
  • allow step display to auto-scroll with the clock when playing
  • add a shortcut for resetting a step pattern, like hold record + press some other button
  • looper functionality like pyramid
  • ability to change the start and end point of a recorded sequence
  • ability to step advance via cv (trigger) in
  • set up the cv clock in to 24ppqn and be able to divide it by 2, 4, 8 to get ternary beats or 3, 6, 12 to get binary
  • possibility to change the sequence direction
  • 1 or 2 bars pre record time
  • odd numbered steps for patterns
  • step per clock pulse option
  • longer modulations
  • faster modulations
  • automatic modulation waveforms
  • transpose tracks
  • transpose patterns externally/dynamically
  • a legato/mono mode to fix that gate triggering bug when notes are overlapping


  • route the lfo to some effects parameters instead of using external cv / midi for that… (ratchet speed for example)
  • an effect stepmod, like the pyramid,
  • transposition from midi note and record the transposition
  • precision adder effect
  • further randomization option, for certain effects for example (harmo, eucli etc)
  • possibility to control with cv the number of voices of an harmonizer effect
  • add to matrix modulation source on/off option for selected effect
  • enable/disable effects with cv
  • effect master
  • lfo range : possibility to adjust the lfo range more precisely.
  • parameter locks for random/slide/effect
  • add a parameter to change the octave in the scale effect, currently the transposition is limited to 12 semitones.
  • internal routing options in the matrix (make usage or midi message already recorded like velocity etc not only cv in and cc in)
  • possibility to add synch lfo in modulation, like one 4/1 sine with 60% range and 10% offset then 1/2 ramp with 15% range and -12% offset then 2/1 where the modulation stay at the same value then cv offset
  • new arp style from pyramid
  • reset on “cv out” for the clock tracks, or as an option in the lfo effect (on start, on stop)
  • option to reset to original value when unlinking matrix association!
  • Burst generator effect.


  • user scales
  • midi import
  • modulation or lfo can change internal parameter
  • possibility to use cv outs in a gate/trig mode to add more triggering option
  • a new type of “tool” track so that unused cv inputs and track outputs could be used disting-style as : attenuators, envelopes even vcas
  • sending program changes from hermod to external hardware
  • set a 8th note “swing” amount on a per-sequence basis.
  • midi program change values to cycle through projects

Questions to SQUARP on updates
Sending program changes from Hermod
Hermod users - happy?
  • Burst generator effect.


added, also tap tempo…


I would love to have a record mode like ableton live:
in a empty pattern, press RECORD for a 2nd time to stop recording and set the length of the pattern and looping after recording.

Right now only offers me to set the length previously.



I would be happy to be able to import .mid files. It would be really useful :wink:

And as already stated in a previous post, an automatic loading of last used project would be nifty.

Anyway, congratulations to the Squarp team for this really well done module :slight_smile:


something like a “Key Assign”: Low Note, High Note, Last Note

This feature request is top priority in my opinion.
I’m testing Hermod with my Linnstrument, It’s unplayable… I’m putting my best effort to detach each note but it’s useless, many gates are not triggered…

I hope we get an update soon, with at least this and the project recall …


Yeah top priority indeed with that gate bug where the gates aren’t triggered anymore after you record live… :frowning:


I sent an email to the team today, because I don’t know if they read this forum… we’ll soon find out if an update is planned… :crossed_fingers:


thanks for that @Elberstein, it’s a PITA they don’t read this!!



The issues are ordered and of course we read the forum. The more time we spend answering on the forum the less we have to actually work on new updates. That’s why we keep quiet sometimes.

Thanks for the well organized wish list. As for Pyramid we focus on bug resolution. Of course we keep this huge list in mind (a lot of very good ideas !). As said before, we didn’t plan to add new features so far. Of course we are working on the last bug fixes !


Yeah, the list of wishes is huge, but they’re just wishes… Workflow improvements though would be welcome! I think that “project recall option” is something we’d all wish to have (especially when Hermod freezes unexpectedly (we’re still hunting for bugs I know…)), even my Octatrack recalls what I was doing when I switch it off :wink: And this “gate” thing…


@squarpadmin Well I’m pretty bummed out to ear that, so you don’t plan to make your module as good as you can? I’d like to get a clear answer on this. What do you mean? That besides the bugs fixing is that all we can expect from the hermod? Thanks

I dont buy that guys Sorry. just 10mn per day would make such a difference in this otherwise desertic forum. update your users on what you’re working on, Idk have a road map and share!


Really? Was this same approach taken with your Pyramid when it was first released? Is it a hardware limitation that might prevent additional features being added? While the wish list is long, there are a few request that don’t seem too much to ask for and IMO should have been included in the 1.0 firmware when the module was released.

The Hermod has the potential to be a really powerful eurorack sequencer and I’m hopeful that the folks at Squarp who “of course read the forum” provide us users with some additional insight for any (or no) future development. The few years that I have been in eurorack I have learned that it is not realistic to expect the same level of customer service or transparency that you might be used to with other companies. I understand that some of these euorack and electronic music manufactures are many times just a small group of people with limited resources. To expect a rapid response to bugs and feature requests appears to be just unrealistic with Hermod development so far in my experience. I work with other eurorack manufactures who are very responsive on their forums and are just one person! So the argument that Squarp can’t spend time answering questions on the forum because it takes away from working on updates seems like kind of a cop out or they are really over extended which is not a very good business practice IMO. I understand that you will never to be able to make all of your customers happy and a limit has to be set with expectations, but just a little more interaction with your customers who took a chance on purchasing your product would be helpful to all involved.


Yep, I also appreciate that, people like Os at Expert Sleepers (frequent updates, etc) or Busy Circuits, :slight_smile:

Receiving a reply when we discover a new bug would be a good starting point ^^ I won’t spend time testing and writing an email and post anymore, I use Hermod as it is, most of the features work fine, but I’m a bit disappointed :neutral_face:


Also check Brian from Orthogonal device (er-301) he is always interacting on discourse and fixes bugs straight away. And that’s a one man operation.


Yep, I don’t own a 301 unfortunately but that’s what people say, a very positive feedback regarding orthogonal devices. Imo, that’s a part of the job. And that’s a “give and take” / “donnant donnant” free bug tracking and report :laughing: but new features and immediate bug fixes in return :slight_smile:


You’re absolutely right if you’re going to treat your customer as beta tester the least you can do in return is prompt bug fixes “donnant donnant” as you said.


Brian is who I was referring to in my post, he sets the bar for customer service in eurorack IMO.


Boot into last patch! Power cycling most analog gear doesn’t reset its state, which is great. Digital stuff should do the same!


1 - read MIDI file from SD card
2 - boot with last patch
3 - read and write SD card from usb host or usb device connectors (computer to hermod connection)