Hermod Firmware Wishlist


I’d love to see any extra code on the pyramid end up on the hermod! :stuck_out_tongue:


need to enable/disable effects with CV!

  • Possibility to quickly duplicate a set of step pages. “Duplicate loop”.
  • Tempo multiplier / divider, per track

Should we add a open poll to this topic ? As we don’t know what’s planned for Hermod, maybe it will help if we sort out what we really would like to have, in term of priority… this would avoid duplicates (like I just did^^) and give a clear overview to the dev team.


Please add support for tripplets in quantised mode as in 1/8T - 1/16T - 1/32T thanks!


thanks @Elberstein but looks like the midi setting aren’t even saved with the project, same with the randomise parameters :frowning: basically just the patterns are saved it appears


Oh, that’s strange. My default template includes all the Track settings (Clock settings, midi channel, etc) + the effects (Only midi “outputs” mapped to my different hardware synths) and everything is recalled.

  • Sending program changes from Hermod to external hardware ? This one is tough maybe, because each device has a different bank/prog implementation.
  • Track names


Ok my bad I think the Rand parameters are not saved please @squarpadmin Can we have these Param saved as part of a project? Thanks


How do you add a poll @Elberstein? I’m in favour of that too if that help @squarpadmin to filter through the most wanted features


There’s a cog wheel on the top right corner of the text areas. Inside, there’s an option to add a poll. I don’t know if it’s open though, I mean, if the members have the possibility to add their own poll options. Now, it’s the creator of this topic who can add the poll to the first topic or we create a new thread and we add all the features that have been requested in this thread

Edit: It seems there’s no way to add polling options, not like the polls on FB…


Oh ok I think it might also depend on the member level you reached


Looks like it works! :slight_smile: Probably a bit better than the likes in posts as a post may contains a mixed bag of great/ not so great request? Happy to curate the request :smile:


Yes it does There’s a “feature voting” plugin for Discourse which would be more handy, but that’s not something we “members” can create. This kind of inline poll requires someone to manually add poll options each time a new feature is suggested ^^


Here’s a summary of all the features requested so far :slight_smile:
Just a quick copy and paste uh

  • Boot into last patch
  • divide/mult clock per track
  • Probability per step.
  • Slide/Legato for Mono-Tracks, not only Glide
  • MUTE/UNMUTE modulation track separated on a modulation track, between GATE and MODULATION
  • add a “default” template (with step, effects, track, seq settings) that’s loaded when “new project” is selected
  • auto-load the last played project when powered on
  • allow bpm to be changed by turning the encoder while a single button is held down
  • allow recording to either add notes (like it does now) or overwrite notes (removing existing notes)
  • allow step display to auto-scroll with the clock when playing
  • add a shortcut for resetting a step pattern, like hold record + press some other button
  • in step and effects modes, show the current track, so if record is armed and we record, we do it in the right track
  • Looper functionality like Pyramid
  • Ability to change the start and end point of a recorded sequence
  • Ability to step advance via CV (trigger) in
  • Ability to toggle (momentary or latch) “record” mode via CV input
  • possibility to use CV outs in a Gate/Trig mode to add more triggering option
  • route the LFO to some effects parameters instead of using external CV / MIDI for that… (ratchet speed for example)
  • An effect stepmod, like the Pyramid,
  • Transposition from midi note and record the transposition
  • set up the CV clock IN to 24ppqn and be able to divide it by 2, 4, 8 to get ternary beats or 3, 6, 12 to get binary
  • be able to change the current track or toggle record via MIDI, like via bank or program change.
  • arming record and disarming it with midi, gates, or even a set length
  • options for retrigering (generate a gate) when notes are overlapping (no / only when following note is lower / only when following note is higher / any new note) ;
  • option to glide only when notes are overlapping
  • Add a parameter to change the octave in the scale effect, currently the transposition is limited to 12 semitones.
  • Add the possibility to re-arrange the order of the effects.
  • Possibility to chose wether the LFO and modulation run or stop when the device is stopped or doesn’t receive a clock.
  • Possibility to change the behavior of the external modulation source in input A, b, c or D.
  • Possibility to save and recall an effect rack
  • Further randomization option, for certain effects for example (Harmo, Eucli etc)
  • Possibility to control with CV the number of voices of an Harmonizer effect
  • Internal routing options in the matrix (make usage or midi message already recorded like velocity etc not only CV in and CC in)
  • record multiple tracks simultaneously
  • LFO range : possibility to adjust the LFO range more precisely.
  • Possibility to add synch lfo in modulation, like one 4/1 sine with 60% range and 10% offset then 1/2 ramp with 15% range and -12% offset then 2/1 where the modulation stay at the same value then
  • CV offset
  • Midi import
  • Modulation or Lfo can change internal parameter
  • set a 8th note “swing” amount on a per-sequence basis.
  • UI visual thing but a confirming “SAVED” on screen
  • Reset on “CV Out” for the clock tracks, or as an option in the LFO effect (on start, on stop)
  • add to matrix modulation source on/off option for selected effect
  • the overdub in record mode should be optional
  • 1 or 2 bars pre record time
  • shortcut to clear a track
  • User scales
  • Possibility to change the sequence direction
  • MIDI Program Change values to cycle through projects
  • parameter locks for random/slide/effect
  • a new type of “tool” track so that unused CV inputs and track outputs could be used Disting-style as : attenuators, envelopes even VCAs
  • new Arp Style from Pyramid
  • Effect Master
  • any extra code on the pyramid end up on the hermod
  • enable/disable effects with CV
  • Possibility to quickly duplicate a set of step pages. “Duplicate loop”
  • Sending program changes from Hermod to external hardware
  • Track names


One more :wink: , some other less classic LFO waveform :man_dancing:


Like an LFO Designer ? Or the possibility to load single cycle waveforms ? :slight_smile: http://scw.sheetsofsound.com


Lfo designer can be the best :slight_smile:


I know that Mutable Instruments Yarns can have it’s outputs function as (square and triangle) digital oscillators as well as cv and gate. Is this something that could be added via firmware to the Hermod or is it not technically possible?


Thanks @Elberstein I’ll try and group these into section as in workflow/sequencer/effect/ elc.


Yes, that’s a huge list, I hope I didn’t miss anything, some requests are related. Imo, something we all want to have is « project recall », the possibility to load a new project, or a default project or the latest project. Am I right ? We’re all used to power up the rack and each module recalls its latest setting :smirk: About the other requests, I’d personally vote for everything ! Anything that could make this module stand apart. I already removed O_C and some other modules from my main case in favor of Hermod, now let’s see if Hermod can really take their place. To quote another topic, I don’t mind being a « beta tester » as long as the firmware updates keep coming… First things first, the bugs of the firmware (1.021) have to be solved, we don’t buy a module because we have great expectations, we buy it for the features it already has, but yeah, Hermod could become the ER-301 of sequencing, a true/better « modular brain »