Hermod Firmware Wishlist


More wishes… not in order importance :slight_smile:

  • Add a parameter to change the octave in the scale effect, currently the transposition is limited to 12 semitones.

  • +1 for the “divide_mult clock per track”

  • Add the possibility to re-arrange the order of the effects. Possibly by selecting the effect slot, pushing and turning the encoder and moving the effect to another slot ?

  • +1 for the envelope function

  • +1 for « route the LFO to some effects parameters instead of using external CV / MIDI for that… (ratchet speed for example) » And note velocity, note length etc.

  • +1 for Project recall. Ability to chose wether the module boots up and load the latest project or start with a new project.

  • Possibility to chose wether the LFO and modulation run or stop when the device is stopped or doesn’t receive a clock.

  • Possibility to change the behavior of the external modulation source in input A, b, c or D.

    1. The step is the master and the external modulation is ignored (this seems to be the actual behavior for some reason)
    2. The external modulation and the steps are mixed together ( this could be very handy because we could set a variable offset using the steps menu)
  • Possibility to save and recall an effect rack

  • Further randomization option, for certain effects for example (Harmo, Eucli etc), randomization is fun :wink:

  • Possibility to control with CV the number of voices of an Harmonizer effect

  • Internal routing options in the matrix (make usage or midi message already recorded like velocity etc not only CV in and CC in)


+1 for the option to have the module boot up in the last saved state

+1 for the ability to OVERWRITE notes while recording instead of the current overdub functionality

+1 for CV control over REC and PLAY buttons

+1 for divide/multiply clock per track

+1 for a way to quickly delete what is recorded on a track (or all tracks)

Question: Is it currently possible to record multiple tracks simultaneously? If not, possibly there could be an option while in “Track” mode you could hold the “REC” button down while selecting multiple tracks?

I was thinking about how it might be possible to integrate a Drumkat midi controller with the Hermod. You could assign 8 pads on the Drumkat to their own midi channel (1-8) and then in turn be able to record to tracks 1-8 on the Hermod. If possible this could be a powerful way to trigger multiple modules in a eurorack system by playing drum trigger sequences in live?! Add in different midi effects on the tracks and I’m sure you could get interesting variations on what you played in via the Drumkat :sunglasses:


Wishes about LFOs / modulation cv :

  • LFO range : possibility to adjust the LFO range more precisely. Currently, it’s only possible to increase / dicrease by 10% (10-20-30-40 … 100). So impossible to make a light pitch/cv modulation using that… it’s crucial in modular world.

  • When a CV input is assigned to modulate an effect parameter, it’s only effective (producing modulation) a short time when a gate in the sequence appears (it looks like it’s sampling and holding the mod amount when the gate appears and wait for the next gate to sample and hold the mod another time). So, again, impossible to make a light pitch mod using this technic. (maybe a user error here)

BTW, did you notice a page of the online manual is missing ? (stepmod, the modulation record one… there is a big blank where it was). Maybe another firmware update soon ? :slight_smile:


_+1 for everything before
_Possibility to add synch lfo in modulation, like one 4/1 sine with 60% range and 10% offset then 1/2 ramp with 15% range and -12% offset then 2/1 where the modulation stay at the same value then…
_CV offset
_Midi import
_Modulation or Lfo can change internal parameter


I’d like to be able to set a 8th note “swing” amount on a per-sequence basis.


Just a UI visual thing but a confirming “SAVED” on screen or some other visual feedback when you save a project would be good.

  • Reset on “CV Out” for the clock tracks, or as an option in the LFO effect (on start, on stop)


Here is my wish list:

  1. there is no way to toggle an effect other than pushing a button - please add to matrix modulation source on/off option for selected effect, it is essential please (at least for the glide, random, lfo and chance effects)

  2. the overdub in record mode should be optional please, that or having a punch in punch out option?

  3. a 1 or 2 bars pre record time would be nice to have pls

  4. a shortcut to clear a track would be great instead of menu diving.

I’ll have more to add to this list when I’ve had more time with it. But so far I really like it, let me love this thing!


Two more for me :slight_smile: :

  1. User scales would be great !!! BTW, is there a bug with the Chromatic Scale ? I didn’t succeed using it : it plays a C everytime…

  2. Possibility to change the sequence direction (forward - backward - pendulum)


The ability to use MIDI Program Change values to cycle through projects.

This would be great if you control your modular from Ableton or use a MIDI Program Change foot pedal,


Did we say parameter locks for random/slide/effect?


Is there a way to turn off midi clock out? For instance if I want my DAW to be master clock but I still want to use Hermod to send other midi out data.


Yes, press Y in track mode and there’s a midi settings and clock setting


I believe I’ve tried all those but wasn’t able to turn off midi clock out.
I’ll start another thread, don’t want to derail this one.


How about a new type of “tool” track so that unused CV inputs and track outputs could be used Disting-style as : attenuators, envelopes even VCAs? I assume the inputs/outputs could handle audio also so would this be possible? Maybe anything’s possible with this thing - even turning it into a sampler or drum machine - but these are likely outside of Squarp’s vision.


Could the hermod remember its state on reboot? It’s really annoying to have to reconfigure everything each time we power cycle the module. thanks!


Yes, + 1 for this as an option. In the meantime, here’s a temporary solution I use:
I have a “Default” blank project with just the midi settings etc, configured, a “canvas”. It doesn’t load automatically but it’s easier…


I’m sure it’s already been suggested, but quantize!! :slight_smile:


“Quantize” is accessible in the Midi effect :wink:


The new Arp Style from Pyramid look cool,Effect Master too…Am I the only one who want to see it in Hermod? :wink: