Future Pyramid features?

Does anyone know what features we can look forward for in the future for our Pyramid? :slight_smile:

For the moment, we are still thinking to the new features road map, there is nothing official.

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I hope that the most frequently requested features are still planned
like the “real negative offset” for example, or the other features that were on the roadmap on the old forum

but maybe this new forum would allow us to make a big survey?

In order to know what would be the most awaited features by users, in priority
(among the most requested features, of course,
because I think it would not be meaningful to resume everything)

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Indded, with more than 350 topics talking about new ideas, a lot of features will be obviously not implemented :slight_smile:

At this time, the Squarp team is the only one capable to decide what is possible to do, taking into account the technical side (remaining CPU power and memory, implementation time and beta testing, … ) and the creative side (user friendly interface, workflow homogeneity, …). We also know and understand that a large and “invisible” user community don’t want a more complex pyraOS.

It’s very important for us to decide where we want to lead this project, the dev team need to be inspired and enthusiastic about the next features. Here we are all studio/live musician and we are playing with Pyramid a lot, so each of us have a strong opinion of what to do, and what to not do.

This is why we decided to close the suggestion section, we have now enough data to take the best decision for the community!


yes, it is perfectly understandable
so, I rephrase:
maybe a survey with only the features that you think possible to implement or among the prefered features of the dev team…?

What is the best way to submit a new feature request?

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I think the previous answer means politely that we can’t :slight_smile: And with the 350 requests they have gathered from the previous board, it’s almost sure that your request is already in the list (almost).

I thought also asking about a voting feature… but i realised that anyway my most wanted feature may only interrest me haha. So we better let them work, and try to do music with the gear we have. Personnally, i can use it as it!

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labelling of cc numbers could be awesome :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:


I´m not interested in those features, which won’t be implemented.

Can you reveal anything, that will be implemented for sure in the future? :wink:

Hi guys, great new forum. I love the idea of a voting feature for the most requested features.
Not that these votes are to force the squarp team to implement these features, but for them to see where improvements could make the loyal userbase happy.
I have two very little and easy to implement ideas for the moment. sorry if they were already suggested in the old forum and/or you don’t want to hear them because the memory is used at full level or similar. It’s my last suggestion for now. :sweat_smile:

  1. With the introduction of patterns (which is great by the way) wouldn’t it make sense to expand the banks in SEQ-Mode from 32-64. This way (with clever arranging the different patterns and mutes) it would become possible to programm and store a whole 60+ min show in one project.
    It would also render the much requested realtime project change feature almost obsolete. :slight_smile:

  2. The TRACK-Solo function would gain lots of additional use by making soloing several tracks possible. Maybe there could be an option in the MISC-Settings Menu on if it should behave like it does now or multi soloing.

Thats all folks. If features are not or can not be implemented because of code structure and out of memory reasons. It’s totally understandable…but it would be great to know.

I’m not sure I can say here but…
I really am waiting to implement “Consolidate effects” especially Quantize function for that…

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Wait, there’s no way to “print” midi effects? That would mean you can’t export a midi file with the effects in place, or ever have more than 4 midi effects on a track.

I guess you could “print” by playing back the track and re-recording it into another track (re-routing externally) but that seems like a pretty ridiculous workaround to have to do, as well as prone to introducing timing errors, and risking a midi loop locking up the Pyramid if you don’t get the settings right.


Dr Who fixes everything by inducing a feedback loop and/or reversing the polarity. He’s rescued entire universes from destruction using that method! :wink:

Run the MIDI stream into a linear sequencer? It won’t really help for building up sequences on the Pyramid, but could help with having a complete MIDI recording of a performance on your Pyramid.

I run my Pyramid more often than not as a pattern looper and have it (along with other sequencers) running into a Yamaha QY700. This way I can capture improvisations and replay them. Also good for MIDI overdubbing.
I’ve a thing for hardware and don’t use a computer for much more than programming controllers, but I would imagine that using a DAW to grab a MIDI stream would work just as well as an old hardware sequencer.

In theory capturing the performance on a linear sequencer would work, though it would be a major PITA with my setup for various reasons. But I can’t imagine that an option to render the midi fx could be all that complicated. IIRC the Yamaha RM1X had a menu option that “printed” the midi fx into the sequence and that was a much less sophisticated machine. It just seems like an oversight not to include it, rather than some sort of conscious design decision.

running into a Yamaha QY700

I love the Yamaha QY series! and I would love that the Pyramid takes some basic functions from them (offline editing options) or even the clever agencement of the little screen which displays a lot of informations (at least the tracking of the bar currently played…)
Yamaha knew build great hardware sequencers obviously

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In practice it does work and is a PITA for me too! :wink:

I agree, that thing is like a computer without a mouse and keyboard.

Yamaha knew build great hardware sequencers obviously<

I dont know about that. I have only tried Yamaha SU700 as sequencer and I was not impress or fascinated! :smiley:

maybe in a future (hardware) version, things could be made a little more simple for live musicians / instrumentalists (not needing both hands too often, some functions made simplified / quicker to access).

  • actually my personal opinion is that there really should be a way to record live (with an external controller or connected synths) directly in ‘track mode’, so not having to switch to live mode all the time. I don’t find a way now to record ideas on my different synths quick enough.

Now in track mode, the REC button just serves as ‘save muted states’, a function that you don’t use that much, or at least not in a live situation…

I think it should be made possible REC-arm or REC-activate tracks directly in track mode and record / overdub tracks on the fly… Switching modes / pushing two buttons and a controller for choosing channel or track length / thinking about “2nd” functions in a complex live situation is not always easy, especially with only one hand available while playing / tweaking other things…

  • being able to have each of your connected synths to send and receive MIDI DATA (via THRU / MERGER box), while still being able to play and tweak them without having one synth interfere with another if you select a track. That would be great. Or just simply said: better control over MIDI in/out per track, and being able to program some routings per track when building some kind of a default ‘live performance’, matched and streamlined with your live rig.

Okay, now you can choose “multitrack on”, but then you just can live record only one track per channel / instrument. I like to live record two or three different track variations / loops for the same instrument, sometimes playing multiple loops for the same synth together (for example note loop and CC loop for a mono synth / or for example in case of a polysynth: a simple harmony loop with an extra harmony or melody loop + cc loop). ‘patterns’ ain’t the solution in this case, as you can only play one pattern at a time…

  • looper function = ? Now you can only use this when you stop pyramid from playing. I don’t really understand it. There should be a way (also in existing projects with pre-recorded tracks) to record new tracks as long as you want, so without having to think about the length of your live loops while pyramid is playing other tracks. Now you have to stop the device if you want to start the looper…

  • a better way to change songs / projects live while keeping Pyramid in sync with external clock …

  • adding functionality for footswitch pedals with 3 switches, not only 2 like now’s the case. For example TC Helicon SWITCH 3

I know most of sequencing gear is made for electronic musicians, but these days there are more and more instrumentalists who love to combine their live playing with live looping / sequencing, and don’t have both hands available all the time.

thanks a lot for thinking about suggestions like these

  1. BAR TRACKER : *See Find your steps topic

  2. 96 SEQUENCES (even an electribe MX-1 had 250 sequences more than 10 years ago ) . This for the good of an organic melodic long track. This would means 6 groups of 16 sequences, and would be optimal for organize projects in e.g. long tracks within short tracks/pattern variations launches/breakcore music styles/or just 6 different levels and types of tracks, and literally 6 pattern’s track if the total of tracks are for example 16.

  3. STEP FOLLOWER: (SOLVED * see comment below) I want to be able to choose if in step mode the screen has to move within the tempo towards the pages or not ( not is like is now). This within the Bar TRacker would be great tool to see how our composition behaves.


I’d like to see a modified or second delay effect wich I can use to adjust some latency of the played synths - basically the existing delay effect can do that already … but I’d like a finer resolution in ms

also an easier way of transposing would be cool … I permanently forget the workflow

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