Please make MIDI input channel / each track available! Any workarounds with iConnectivity gear?

Still I’m scratching my head…

It REALLY would be great if we could choose a MIDI input channel for each track, and have that connection always active during the session, also when another track is set to ‘active’.

Now things get messed up a little with the rigid structure of MIDI channel assignment.

The thing is, there really doesn’t seem to be a way to play my keys together, use the very fun HOLD / RELATCH or MIDI FX live (pre-recording) while not having to influence the MIDI input of an activated track by the wrong keyboard.

When MULTITRACK BANK A is on, incoming midi data from a specific channel are recorded only to a fixed track with the same number of that channel. In this case, you don’t have any flexibility over the tracks so it’s not possible to have multiple tracks for the same channel on that bank, copy/paste to another place, etc…

Aren’t there any workarounds?

I’m using iConnectivity MIDI4+ now instead of the Kenton mergers / thru box, and that’s already a difference in performance. But I still feel I’m struggling with finding the right way to work with my live setup…



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Channel input + synth/drum tracks

They know about it. I am hoping for it. All we can do is hope and wait. :wink:

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Okay, hope it will be done…
In fact it’s something essential for live MIDI recording / looping, that you can choose per track where the midi comes from and where it flows to…

fingers crossed! :slight_smile:

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Has there been a resolution to this? I’m pulling my hair out because for some inexplicable reason I sometimes have tracks responding to MIDI notes on other channels. It is unacceptable and completely demolishes a performance. I cannot figure out why it’s happening and it is not consistent. I’ve tried with Multitrack on Bank A and Multitrack Off - I always have MIDI Echo turned off, I’m on a different track number than the MIDI channel that is sending notes, and the current track is on yet a different channel as well. So why is the active note on the current track constantly shifting to match what’s coming in on a different track?!?

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Hi there,

I believe that my particular question is strongly related to the original topic, so I believe it is ok to revive it once more.

I have an iConnectivity mioXM connected via USB to the Pyramid. I use the Pyramid to sequence a Vermona DRM1 and other synths (all MIDI routed through the mioXM). The DRM1 has 8 individual drum channels and I want to dedicate an own Pyramid track to each channel to be able to use e.g. individual euclidean sequences for each channel. So on each track the Pyramid sends fixed (single) note events corresponding to a drum channel on MIDI channel 10. So far so good. But I also have a MIDI keyboard connected to the Pyramid via mioXM to be able to play in sequences for my other synths (on their own tracks and other midi channels) in live mode.

So here is my problem: How can I accomplish that the tracks dedicated to the DRM1 do not receive note on/off data from the keyboard (and destroy my note → DRM1 track configurations) while the others do? Of course I could try to make sure that none of the Pyramid tracks dedicated to the DMR1 are active when I touch the keyboard, but that is really a painstaking solution. I am stuck on this for weeks now and any solutions or workarounds are greatly appreciated!

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Hi there and welcome to the Forum.

This is a very old post and possibly a very different (and very possibly resolved) issue since there have been several OS iterations since this came out (addressing bugs and possibly applicable new features).

I don’t know how to split off your specfic query to a new thread and close this extremely old one, so let’s try to respond here - apologies to those who have posted before.

You have the Pyramid sequencing a drum module on Channel 10.
You also have a MIDI keyboard that you wish to play live over currently playing Pyramid sequences.
All your routing is done via an iConnectivity device.
Your quandary is that you do not want incoming MIDI data from your keyboard to route to your drum module.

If I have successfully reiterated your query accurately, I would suggest the following:

  • Don’t put any other devices on the same Port/MIDI Channel as your drum module and don’t make your Pyramid Tracks destined for your drum module as the active/selected Track.
  • Route your Live MIDI data directly to the synth destination via your iConnectivity routing options, and if this is possible, you can perform without MIDI Echo: On perhaps

I’m confused by the following:

Are you suggesting that even if a Pyramid Track that is not destined for your drum module is Active, touching the keyboard sends MIDI data to your drum module? That would seem to me like within your MIDI routing that keyboard data is being routed to your drum module irrespective of what settings are on the Pyramid. In this case I’d change the MIDI Channel your keyboard is sending.

As always, for best troubleshooting results I recommend simplifying your setup. Just use the MIDI Keyboard on IN and the drum module and perhaps one other synth on OUT, sequence the drums, make the Synth destined Track Active and see if you get the desired results.


Im also not entirely sure what you mean…perhaps you can draw a flow diagram

IF what you want is
DRM to be ‘programmed’, and not get messages from your controller keyboard
the controller keyboard to be able to send on midi ch 1-16, to 16 different tracks

then what you do is

set pyramidi OMNI=multibank A
put your synths on tracks A01-A16

put you DRM1 on tracks B01-B16

OMNI will means only tracks a1-a16 get note-on/off, and you are free to sequence on track B1-16

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I had quickly skimmed thru this post and have not digested everything so my apologies if this was previously discussed or misses the mark.

The mio series MIDI routers can be customized to route and filter MIDI messages to individual devices via the iConfig & Auracle control software.

And if all devices are configured to an unique MIDI channel then technically everything should function as expected. However, this isn’t the case for all devices. Case in point ASM Hydrasynth Keyboard. Even though it’s configured on its own channel it still receives Note On/Off messages from other channels (like its running in Omni mode).

So if your MIDI controller is stepping over the drum machine while being controlled by Pyramid then try blocking all other channels going to and from the DRM1. This is achieved by launching Auracle and accessing “Filter & Remap”, select DRM1 and check each of the channels that’s interfering with it, leaving just the channel you assigned it which was also assigned in Pyramid Track. You may want to apply this step for both Input & Output.

Note to ASM support, if you’re seeing this then yes the issue still occurs and I’m still waiting for new FW that addresses this issue.

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Thank you all for your quick and thorough replies!

This summarizes my query pretty well. I would like to be able to use the keyboard on dedicated Pyramid tracks to record live sequences for synths sequenced on those tracks. And I want the note on/off messages from the keyboard to stay away from the Pyramid tracks dedicated to the drum module so that they don’t destroy my note assignments on those tracks.

I tried to visualize the whole setup in the following diagram and hope that it is more useful than confusing:

I’m aware of this solution, but that means I would always have to make sure that I don’t play a note on the keyboard while any of the drum tracks is selected. The keyboard is actually a stage piano and apart from triggering synths I use it as an audio source itself. I constantly find myself playing the keyboard and destroying my drum track note configurations because I tend to forget to deactivate/deselect a drum track. I would really like to avoid that.

I don’t see how I would be able to play in sequences into Pyramid without routing the MIDI note events through it. Am I missing something here?

This is indeed what I try to achieve, but would your suggested pyramidi setup prevent my DRM1 tracks on Bank B from receiving note events even when they are currently selected? I still have to get my hear around the pyramidi and OMNI mode concepts.

The most intuitive solution for me still would be the possibility to configure MIDI input settings for each track individually. This is why I decided to revive this old topic and apologize if I might have caused some confusion for other users by doing that.

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Apologies: I wasn’t clear that sometimes during a Live situatio you’d want to record and/or affect existing Pyramid Tracks (sometimes we can configure our ‘live synths’ completely separate from our ‘sequenced synths’). Strike this option then, unless your presentation is such that your workflow supports:

  • Making the Tracks in the studio to prep for performance with one configuration
  • Performing live with sequenced backups routing your live instrument data away from sequencer inputs with another configuration (a ‘performance’ configuration)

Yes. That is correct.
Sort of like not playing a G# when you intended to play F#.
I’m not seeing what the problem is regarding ensuring you’re on a Track that won’t affect something else. If this is the case, perhaps set all your drum Tracks on Bank A and your live Tracks on Bank B and just stay in Bank B in a live situation

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yes, if you set to MULTBANK A , then only Track A1-16 will receive input
no midi data will be received by BANK B-D.

sure, but given this has been a common request ever the pyramid came out and has not seen the light of day - so I suspect Squarp have reasons for not doing this - and it seems highly unlikely its going to happen now

however, you are welcome to send feature request like this to squarp via the contact form