Future Pyramid features?


Player tracking ?
The viewed page (viewed bars on the 16 pads) can auto-follow the player position if you press 2ND + DISP. Useful if you are working on multiple pages.


thanks Joosep-was so easy! YOu and The loudest are the best in this forum, for me.

now just , less problems :slight_smile:


I’m a bit sad to see this comment. This is not some Apple product for mass consumption, and it’s not even a groovebox. People paying over €700 for a hardware MIDI sequencer are likely not scared of a more complex OS if that means more capability.


I guess those of us happier with a simpler interface can always just not use the complexity too, but then development on those features doesn’t increase value for us. For example, I really don’t enjoy using patterns right now, there are too many of them and they are hard to access and are difficult to keep track of for me in seq mode. BUT, I would love to see the live looper expanded, a more-easily editable seq mode, adding pickup notes somehow, or a euclid step mode that can do more than one note or run for multiple bars.

i guess by the fact of posting this i’m not really “invisible”, but yeah. I prefer a straightforward interface for now that is simple to use, although my tune may change as I use the pyramid more.


I had a good play with patterns for the first time today. It looked like a good way to structure songs “horizontally” instead of using tracks on different pages. It appears though, that FX are track based, and therefore apply the same FX settings to all patterns in the track. As someone who uses FX as compositional devices this just makes patterns unusable, unless I get all “meta” and start using other tracks to CC those FX parameters. Oh well, back to pages it is then.


yeah, id like fx settings to be stored in the pattern too.
(seem natural a track is the structural thing, like fx used, but the pattern contains all settings… like it is for Live with tracks vs clips)

that said, can’t you easily get around this by putting an fx automation on the first step for any change you want to make? (no need to map cc etc), just make sure that all patterns set this then to a ‘known state’.

only draw back is, if you are making lots of patterns, and decide then add a fx change e.g. turn an fx off, then you have to go back and add it to other tracks… but not that hard, given cut n paste functionality.


you know, i never considered it before, but not having FX and note data linked together has always been a bit frustrating for me. even when I was composing solely in FLStudio, using effects as a compositional tool always got kind of wonky with having to keep track of separate automation tracks and getting all of the curves to send the right values etc.

i wonder if there is a better way, i’m sure there are workflow problems with linking FX and note data too, but i can’t think of them right now as it’s pretty early here.

annnd that’s pretty OT for this thread, apologies.


Yeah, there is a way around it but then it gets too complicated. If things aren’t fast and fluid then the juice leaks out my head and results in no music getting made so i’m just going to ignore patterns for anything other than drums and the outside cases where they make more sense.


I actually quite like having these small limitations/hurdles, they spark creativity in me… “how do i achieve this with what i have?” , keeps my brain active, and looking for a solution can take me in new directions, and general it improves my understanding of the instrument (which in turn makes this process easier/faster)

but for sure, what motivates one person, kills another persons flow…

anyway, as i said, I think saving fx settings per pattern would be useful …
however, in practice the implementation is more ‘complex’ , we also need to be able to keep the current behaviour, perhaps by copy n paste the settings

e.g. imagine you have a track with 4 fx, and 5 patterns, and we want the same fx settings (the current and most common scenario) , now if we change the FX settings on pattern 1, we want it reflected on patters 2-5 as well… using current pyramid metaphors , thats probably go to FX page, copy , go to other patterns paste.

(some may argue this actually is a pain, and they prefer it how it is - but I could live with it either way )


That is and has been normal thinking in the physical world.
Modern day software-oriented-minds work differently tho. More like “what do I press/download to do what I want”.
And then you get conflict…


Id say thats not true for everyone. Im a software developer by trade, so id consider myself a ‘software oriented mind’ :wink:

software is by definition soft, even more malleable than hardware/physical objects - but just like in the physical world, you have to practice ‘bending’ it to your will, and/or be willing to compromise. its a mind set you have to develop (if you want too)

but its difficult, in the fast moving world of electronics/software, its hard to keep up, and perhaps for somethings you do not want to invest the time, as something new will come along, or an update that ‘fixes’ it for you… thats a valid approach too, we all have limited time, and find different things enjoyable.


Not judging you. But I believe this forum is a beautiful example of it.


no worries… I agree with you.
its just its not software, generally (western) culture doesn’t promote fixing things or making do.
If your TV breaks down you buy a new one, your internet doesn’t work - you call someone to fix it.
high expectations - that then influences what we do everyday.

this is not a judgement either, hell i do it for lots of things too…its comes down to, how we want to spend our time/what we enjoy , we all have choices.

my singular point was… music is about creativity, and i find this making do/finding solutions creative too.
but i fully understand others just find it frustrating.
(hence why its understandable it kills Mongrol flow, but I personally enjoy it)


Just putting it out there, but there’s no reason there can’t be two versions available. The user installs that which best suits them. The current os works and needs no change for some… For others there is a new version with enhanced complexity


Since Squarp have basically said they’re not taking any more feature requests for the current hardware… I have another suggestion:
Make a MK3 - lose the trackpad and instead have 8 knobs and a bigger screen above them, USB host port, more memory for instrument definitions, drum mode, a better Sequence mode and the ability to jump around the sequence in time with the beat as well as live step repeats… The Pyramid is really not far from being better than Ableton Live for MIDI sequencing, why stop now???


I’m sure most of these features do not require a mk3 version
they are implementable in the current hardware version

I agree, the Pyramid is not far
but I have hope for the OS 3.0 :slight_smile:


yeah drum mode etc. definitely doable in the mk1/mk2

screen: a slightly bigger screen would be useful (but high resolution is more important actually…)

8 knobs…why not… but if they make the encoders independant per track in a next OS, it is not a problem to have only 5 encoders
(2x4 ala Elektron would be nice though)

personally, I like the touchpad on the mk1/mk2 : )


Is the 7000 midi event limit still there?


The spec sheet for Pyramid.

Hope this helps :wink:


Definitely a way to lock multiple CC data to notes or hell even the ability to shift each step of CC without having to copy and paste

Oh and im all for different knob assignments per track