Encoder switch issue (pre June 2022 units)

I have never encountered this problem on my gears with push encoders. For example Deluge works excellent after 3 years, Oxi One works excellent since January. Without any papertricks.

It would be nice to hear from Squarp what they have done to solve this problem. When you buy a new gear you wanna feel happy, excited and not have the feeling that you know there is a known problem with the hardware, but you need to wait and see if you are unlucky.


Squarp: what have you done to solve this problem for the first batch and the future batches?

i change the knobs - everything is fine


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Oh, they look really smart. Nice!

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Out of curiosity, do the Deluge knobs fit on the Hapax shafts? I sold my Deluge, but loved the feel of those knobs and I see you can order them on the Synthstrom site.

I just put on some Grey Small Unskirted D - Sifam Plastic Knob with Small Encoder Black - Sifam Plastic Cap (No Line) from Thonk and they work great. The grey color makes them a lot easier to reach for in a dark room, as well.


My Pyramid knobs are worn out. I’m trying to find a replacement. Will be amazing if someone here will send me the unused hapax knobs that you are all replacing? I’m in Barcelona-Spain i can do a paypal if needed.


Good news! Crosspost to be sure no one misses it:


thanks @jemmons.
Ive updated the first post to include this, and kind of conclude this issue.

I’m going to close this topic, as its feels like its now run its course… we have workaround, replacement, or custom knobs.

I think the discussion on custom knobs is cool, and Im enjoying seeing what others are using - but I think would be better in a separate topic… as users of later units that won’t need to replace the knobs, might still be interested.
Ive a feeling we had a similar topic with pyramid knobs… or perhaps Im confusing it with a similar topic we had about Critter and Guitar Organelle, where some were adding some bling :slight_smile:

so anyone thats changed the knobs to add some character , feel free to create a new topic.
(ideally in first post add tech specs e.g. shaft size/ D, and min depth etc)