Your Hapax studio setups, including pics!

I’m really enjoying al of these! Mine is pretty simple. I sometimes think about more gear, but this is the hard-core of gear that I’ve kept after selling a lot of other stuff. The Hapax has really completed my setup.


I use the HAPAX now to control tempo of my octatrack. Its had but I am working on it. Was used to using the octatrack for years as the master clock. I’m not sure yet if the setup will survive, since I mainly use the octatrack to advance my music forward or stop it, and the sequencer looper of midi was just a side plan. But now with the Hapax, my entire concept of composing music live, or playing MIDI instruments live has been liberated, and the octatrack may take a back seat.

Is that one of those Korg mixers on the side :thinking:

Not the biggest setup but I like it.
Monologue ,
Minilogue XD module,