Your Hapax studio setups, including pics!

The issue I had with my iConnect device, is that it filters only at input or output, not ‘per-route’ as does the MRCC. For me that was the reason to switch. Don’t know if newer iConnect device solved that though.

I can see why that limitation could pose problems in a variety of ways.

Now I have to figure out how to use a Hapax!

For those who want to know, behind the Blackbox and BeatBuddy, there’s a Behringer XR18 mixer, a BomeBox and a MioXM. My base keyboard is a Yamaha CP4 and the upper one is a Yamaha YC61. The desktop synth behind Hapax is an Access Virus TI2.

I connected the Hapax via USB to a port in the back of the MioXM and everything talks to it bidirectionally. I understand the appeal of the MRCC for those who frequently reconfigure midi routes. I prefer to build everything and perfect it, then I don’t change it unless I have to.


Having fun Hapaxing!



Thanks @michaeljk1963 for the shout out!

This is my “studio” setup, a corner housed in my living room actually.

I proudly built/hacked all the forniture, with zero previous experience on woodworking.

It’s actually a sort of “transformer” setup, so to hide some stuff when not in use. But I’m still working on that aspect, also with a two drawer bespoke unit I’m working on these days, that should receive the Hydra and the Peak, giving another bit of real estate on the leftside where they’re now, and thinking to add a PC with a 21:9 Monitor between the Kalis to achieve some sort of Dawless/Hybrid setup, with some Ableton ready to record/refine my dawless jams, and maybe closing proper tracks in a distant future.

Gear list

Novation Peak
ASM Hydrasynth Explorer
Audiothingies Micromonsta2
Arturia Microfreak
Roland Sh-01a
Cyclone TT-303
Roland MC-707
Roland Tr8s

Elektron Octatrack
Conductive Labs NDLR
Squarp Hapax

Hologram Microcosm
Source Audio Collider
Zoom Ms-70cdr

Elektron Analog Heat (warming unit)
SuonoBuono NABC+ (sidechain compressor)
Mackie 1642 Vlz4
Blokas Midihub

Kali LP-6 (monitors)
Some leftover Hi-Fi Subwoofer under the mixer trolley

Audio routing is pretty basic, all the sound boxes have a dedicated channel on the mixer.
On Sub 1-2 there’s the Analog Heat
On Sub 3-4 there’s the nABC+

Aux1 Octatrack input A
Aux2 TR8s input L
Aux3 MC-707 input L
Aux4 Microcosm input mono

In this way I can route everything everywhere audiowise.

Midi setup is work in progress, as I previously had a Pyramid and so I need to re-route stuff around.
I’d like to achieve a multi-sequencer layout, where the Hapax will be the brain of the entire setup, Hydrasynth is gonna be the master keyboard, and NDLR and Octatrack could send note either to the Hapax (for recording midi) and to the single instruments.
I’d like also to dedicate a track to send midi from the Hapax to the NDLR, so to avoid its cluncky arranger.

I’ve started this hobby not so long ago, like in March 2021, with next to zero musical knowledge and playing skills, so I’m really a noob still, but I started a YT channel mainly to keep track of my journey and see if I’ll get better at this stuff along the way.

You can find it here

This is my preferred jam so far

Ciao y’all from Rome!


My small setup, totally dawless, have 2 og novation circuits either side of the hapax.



I had a Blofeld for two years. Great sounding, ultra-flexible synth.


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i’m not sure that qualifies as a ‘small’ setup… :laughing:

you’ve got lots of interesting sound possibilities there and looks like all within pretty quick and easy reach.

enjoying seeing everyone’s setups. hoping to contribute soon as my Hapax gets here…one day…

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hey did you figure out how to properly sync the hapax with bitwig and get it to be able to send on different midi tracks?

I’ve changed this since this picture, I moved the Peak up to where the A4 was and put my S2400 where my Peak was. Ultimately this is close to what it looks like though. All my gear goes into a Patchbay and then into an AudioFuse 8Pre which is mounted in my Output desk. I have my Push 2 and Erae Touch on the keyboard tray and up top I have my keyboard and mouse and I rotate out my desktop gear. I have another desk and I think I’m gonna get a more permanent setup there for my Elektron Gear.


My little setup. All runs into a MioXM hidden behind the stands. Loving the HAPAX - got a great template setup with all my instruments and I can just jump in and jam. So quick to explore ideas!


Nice setup — Just curious, why the double novation circuit?

Drilling holes in a brand new device always feels a bit disrespectful, but in the end it needed to be done!


Hapax and MainStage


Nice set up!

Doesn’t look like you’ve got acoustic treatment in the space? (could be wrong!)

I used my KH310’s for 3 years in an untreated space and only heard them properly for the first time when I put up rock wool panels 3 months ago :slight_smile:


Alpha base spotted! How do you go sequencing it with the hapax? I’ve been using an Mpc to sequence mine but the sustain seem to work in weird ways. Hopefully the hapax will arrive next week :slight_smile:

Yeah I got some panel in the corners but since I’ve moved into this studio I’ve been planning on building a shit load of extra panels. My previous studio had a lot of absorption from itself. At the moment I’m not doing the KH310 any right but let this be the motivational nudge to finish the studios treatment! Ill post some pics when it’s done!

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