With the release of Hapax, is Pyramid still supported/updated?

Meaning from now on, no PyraOS update ever to look for ?
Not complaining really, there has been several OS updates for Pyramid already, but seems to me, 4.02 has still some rough edges left from the 4.00/4.01 versions “debacle”.

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abandon-ware? I think you could phrase it a bit “nicer” in the title!

If you have issues, you should report them to Squarp via the contact form, Im sure they will fix bugs.

i sure hope not. I honestly would love to get my hands on a mk4 if they ever do it. Like a pyramid with a nice screen and a little beefier processor to iron out some of the clocking issues :drooling_face:

anyways - what technobear said about bugs too - if you can help them reproduce the issue you see on your side, they’ll usually fix it. I run into bugs plenty, so i feel you and hope they continue to make pyraos updates. That said, I have no reason to believe they won’t - I see pyramid as a different use case than hapax (and hapax is way cool, but i’ll be sticking with my pyramid). Anyways, i’ll cross my fingers and hope they got a mk4 around the corner :slight_smile:


Given the massive differences between the products in price and features, I’d doubt that they would leave that sector abandoned. Perhaps a new product or revision? Who knows?

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lol, company releases new product … users start speculating about the next product :wink:

Pyramid is still being sold, and, unless told otherwise, Id assume supported.

for sure, its now considered mature/stable, but Squarp have been saying that about the Pyramid for a long time now… that major new features were unlikely (due to cpu/ram limits) , but we are still getting bug fixes.
that’s not news, and hasn’t changed with Hapax release.

the thing is hardware, is not like (computer) software, it doesn’t evolve forever… at some point its basically ‘complete’… and that is OK, since if its working, it carries on working.
(unlike computers where a new version of Windows/MacOS might break your software)
I’d certainly not view hardware as ‘abandoned’ just because it was considered ‘complete’.
(lots of hardware gets hardly any updates.)

I do agree that Hapax is a different product, and perhaps market.
… but we have no idea, what that means about future plans.
would it be a pyramid 4, or a mini hapax, or something else?
given history pyramid → hermod → hapax, more likely to be an evolution…

who knows… no one here, perhaps squarp , perhaps not :slight_smile:

edit: actually Im going to re-title this thread to be a little less ‘confrontational’


Just going to toss in to what @thetechnobear stated… My Kurzweil K2661 and Access Virus Indigo haven’t had updates in nearly 20yrs and they’re doing just fine.

I would be sorta sad to see the Pyramid sunsetted as I just bought in a couple months ago… I can’t work as frequently as I’d like but I have most of the basic features down and it’s my dream sequencer… I’m putting together songs just like I wanted to do with my MC-505 back in the day, only I’m sequencing all this other gear.


100% agreed with @thetechnobear and @industrialist .

No one should ever buy any product (of any sort from any company) unless they’re happy with what it is at the time of purchase at the price asked.

I think expecting game-breaking flaws to be repaired (or a reasonable expectation of ability to return a like-new product within a reasonable timeframe) is very reasonable, but expecting continued development and evolution is, IMHO, very unreasonable.

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in March, with the release of Hapax, I had apparently the bad taste of evoking in this forum Pyramid as “abandon ware”. Which term was promptly “censured” by Techno bear, and replaced with more … suave terms.

In those days and in response to my inquiry, he said:

" Pyramid is still being sold, and, unless told otherwise, Id assume supported.
for sure, its now considered mature/stable, but Squarp have been saying that about the Pyramid for a long time now… that major new features were unlikely (due to cpu/ram limits) , but we are still getting bug fixes. that’s not news, and hasn’t changed with Hapax release.".

Well, 3 months latter, is there news of any work being done on PyraOS ?
Are we (we, the masses still working with Pyramid, and not wondrous Hapax) getting bug fixes for PyraOS ?

Just asking … :slightly_smiling_face:

I cannot speak for Squarp themselves, but I’m guessing there are no more updates in terms of features, but you can still submit bug reports to them, so hopefully they’ll fix those. I’m not sure if there are any bugs outstanding, though? Dunno.

With regards to being ‘abandonware’ I would say, in my opinion, that it’s not really fair on Squarp to say that. They did several years of updates, and then they released a new project. I understand that it’s probably a bit annoying to see them concentrate on the new shiny thing and not the thing that you have, but that’s kind of how it works. I wouldn’t use the term ‘abandonware’ as to me it implies something is unfinished, where I honestly don’t think the Pyramid is unfinished.

This is, of course, my opinion, but I do think they’ve supported Pyramid pretty damned well, and it still feels like a mature project.


I stand by that statement…still seems 100% accurate to me.

I’d also say, its pretty obvious, that with a small development team with a new product (Hapax).
Squarp are going to focus on that for many months, frankly, no Id not expect to see much dev on any other platform for a while yet … (3-6 months is a short timeframe!)

that doesn’t mean it wont happen - I have no insight into this… they may be working on other firmwares for Pyramid/Hermod/Rample… its just my opinion, it be understandable to focus on Hapax for many months to come.

as for ‘censure’ of abandonware … Im with @Loz
I frankly felt, if you feel this, then you have unrealistic expectations of a mature product, at its stage of its product lifecycle, and given statements already made of years by Squarp.

of course, I sympathise if you have a particular bug/issue thats causing you an issue, then you’d want resolution asap… (rather than a feature request)
as stated in the post (you didn’t fully quote), really the best way forward is for you to talk to Squarp via the contact form - see if its in their pipeline for resolving and its priority.

I think working with Squarp, rather than trying to imply lack of support here will likely get you better results.

of course, you are welcome to disagree…

point of note: I didn’t censure you… I did not close the topic,
sure, I re-titled the thread as I thought it was ‘confrontational’, but frankly others on the topic thought that abandonware was not appropriate… no-one agreed with you that abandonware was applicable :wink:
(topics are automatically closed, when there is no further activity… which is what happened in this case)

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EDIT: Ive merge this with the original topic… given its basically the same question.

but to summarise:

we don’t have any news on future pyramid development, or any change in status of ‘support’.
if you want more information please contact Squarp via the contact form.

similarly, if you have a bug/issue with the Pyramid, as always please contact Squarp Support via the same contact form…

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