Pyramid make a sequence be half speed or double speed?


is it possible to double or half a sequence? Say i wrote a sequence in 1/8 notes and i meant to write it in 1/16. Is there any shortcut to doubling. Or i just want to here a variation faster or slower.


i’d also like to know if there’s some way to do that


Careful with the terminology: in Pyramid, a sequence is a set of track mute-states and it’s speed can be changed with the BPM effect. But quite obviously that’s not what you’re talking about here.

I don’t think there’s any easy/obvious way, but here’s a wacko idea (that I certainly haven’t tested so buyer beware): maybe you could change time signature to half/double the playback speed in polyrhythms-mode, and if necessary, use old-school consolidating to capture the result into another track playing in the original time signature. Or something along those lines…


:open_mouth: !

I just tried and it does not work :frowning_face:
or at least, I have not managed to do it …

polyrythms-mode you said…?

if someone can give me a simple procedure… it would be greatly appreciated!

I’ve been waiting for this feature for a long time, and I’d even asked if anyone had a workaround to do that:
(there are several other threads with users requesting for this functionnality)


oh… I think I read a bit too fast, I didn’t read the thread in the link you post above @pmatilai

my mistake…

So it can’t be done without dealing with the MIDI connections, is that it?

In this case, it’s not the cool function I’m waiting for…


Okay I just had to go and try it :grin:

No, changing the signature doesn’t make the track play faster/slower. Oh well, like said it was an untested wacky idea, now just a wacky idea that doesn’t work.


Copy the .mid from the SD card, load it into a software sequencer, do the function of doubling or halving (which is native to the software sequencers ive used, so YMMV), save it with the appropriate name+extension, reload in Pyramid and go…?


I have not had much luck with the pyramid and midi files going back and forth from the computer. but none the less that is a very time consuming process especially when you not by your computer.

This is a feature that is in a lot of other hardware and software sequencers. I thought it may have already been a part of pyramid and i just didn’t know about it. I feel like it would be a great and simple addition to add.

It very helpful for writing and coming up with new parts.


I agree that a clock divider of sorts would be a killer addition to Pyramid (and Hermod for that matter.)
The ability to access more traditional 16 step, XOX style sequencing would be a coup for many functions within the Pyramid. You can pretty much find another way, and most things are great, but there’s something to be said for the old 1 step per pulse style sequencing which can swiftly accomplish things like timing changes, and sub sequence rhythms. I do these sorts of things all the time in performances, and in composition and they are vital to me.

Sadly, I rely on external modules and devices for this type of operation. So Pyramid is my clock, and my framework, but for the really fun sequences I reach out to the SH-101 and step record the phrase, and then send gate pulses from the pyramid into the clock input of the SH-101 and with say 3 pulses and 5 notes things start to get interesting.

I started doing this because I like the random and real time nature of this sort of sequencing. Drums, bass, and things… I didn’t want to hard record these ideas and have them always play the same way.

It would indeed be a superb benefit to both Pyramid (and Hermod) if there were a grid based mode which could by dynamically changed. Perhaps a future effect? Like an arpeggiator, creating this as an effect would leave the master clock to behave as it always has, and we could then play around with a grid for time signature or beat clocking without messing up the main operations of the device.

But for now, this fun is being done off mothership by me.


This is a bummer, i really thought this could be done you get so used to being about to do stuff like that in Abelton you expect it to be available