Pyramid make a sequence be half speed or double speed?

is it possible to double or half a sequence? Say i wrote a sequence in 1/8 notes and i meant to write it in 1/16. Is there any shortcut to doubling. Or i just want to here a variation faster or slower.


i’d also like to know if there’s some way to do that

Careful with the terminology: in Pyramid, a sequence is a set of track mute-states and it’s speed can be changed with the BPM effect. But quite obviously that’s not what you’re talking about here.

I don’t think there’s any easy/obvious way, but here’s a wacko idea (that I certainly haven’t tested so buyer beware): maybe you could change time signature to half/double the playback speed in polyrhythms-mode, and if necessary, use old-school consolidating to capture the result into another track playing in the original time signature. Or something along those lines…


:open_mouth: !

I just tried and it does not work :frowning_face:
or at least, I have not managed to do it …

polyrythms-mode you said…?

if someone can give me a simple procedure… it would be greatly appreciated!

I’ve been waiting for this feature for a long time, and I’d even asked if anyone had a workaround to do that:
(there are several other threads with users requesting for this functionnality)

oh… I think I read a bit too fast, I didn’t read the thread in the link you post above @pmatilai

my mistake…

So it can’t be done without dealing with the MIDI connections, is that it?

In this case, it’s not the cool function I’m waiting for…

Okay I just had to go and try it :grin:

No, changing the signature doesn’t make the track play faster/slower. Oh well, like said it was an untested wacky idea, now just a wacky idea that doesn’t work.

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Copy the .mid from the SD card, load it into a software sequencer, do the function of doubling or halving (which is native to the software sequencers ive used, so YMMV), save it with the appropriate name+extension, reload in Pyramid and go…?

I have not had much luck with the pyramid and midi files going back and forth from the computer. but none the less that is a very time consuming process especially when you not by your computer.

This is a feature that is in a lot of other hardware and software sequencers. I thought it may have already been a part of pyramid and i just didn’t know about it. I feel like it would be a great and simple addition to add.

It very helpful for writing and coming up with new parts.

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I agree that a clock divider of sorts would be a killer addition to Pyramid (and Hermod for that matter.)
The ability to access more traditional 16 step, XOX style sequencing would be a coup for many functions within the Pyramid. You can pretty much find another way, and most things are great, but there’s something to be said for the old 1 step per pulse style sequencing which can swiftly accomplish things like timing changes, and sub sequence rhythms. I do these sorts of things all the time in performances, and in composition and they are vital to me.

Sadly, I rely on external modules and devices for this type of operation. So Pyramid is my clock, and my framework, but for the really fun sequences I reach out to the SH-101 and step record the phrase, and then send gate pulses from the pyramid into the clock input of the SH-101 and with say 3 pulses and 5 notes things start to get interesting.

I started doing this because I like the random and real time nature of this sort of sequencing. Drums, bass, and things… I didn’t want to hard record these ideas and have them always play the same way.

It would indeed be a superb benefit to both Pyramid (and Hermod) if there were a grid based mode which could by dynamically changed. Perhaps a future effect? Like an arpeggiator, creating this as an effect would leave the master clock to behave as it always has, and we could then play around with a grid for time signature or beat clocking without messing up the main operations of the device.

But for now, this fun is being done off mothership by me.


This is a bummer, i really thought this could be done you get so used to being about to do stuff like that in Abelton you expect it to be available

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Is this available yet? Simple and necessary function for a lot of people.

best bet is to email squarp a request. From my experience, sending a nicely worded request gets good results. I bet if a few people send a request about this, it will happen (eventually).

I’ll send one if you do… :slight_smile:

ok, message sent. I imagine it would be most useful if this would be implemented as a midi effect - so that you could modulate/automate the playback speed. that would be truly incredible.

Will do in the morning. Good call. Getting excited for this weekend, as I ordered a launchpad pro to use scale mode for midi learn step sequencing. No mistakes, always in key and fast as hell. Set a scale, slick one of the 7 notes per octave on the launchpad and hit the step. Speed is key for my creativity

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Would love more tempo manipulation options in any form. Personally I think it would make the most sense to just have the time signature be able to double, halve, triple, etc, the tempo. Right now in Polymeters the rhythm stays the same as you change the Time Signature, I think the easiest to implement would be an option called Polymeter-Relative for Signature in the Misc Settings menu where the rhythm is kept the same relative to the bar length as you change the Time Signature. A full midi effect dedicated to it would be even better though.


i suggested the same a year ago, they said they will consider it… good
If more people asking for it

actually the bpm fx is already capable of doing this, it only needs to be tempo-relative

Unless I’m mistaken, the bpm effect is global, ie it effects all tracks. That kinda kills its usefulness for me. Much more useful would be the ability to double the speed of just one track without altering others.

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oh you’re right … somehow i didn’t notice it is global. I never used the effect as it’s pretty useless in it’s current state to me

indeed. I don’t really understand why this would be in track fx when it performs globally. I’d be happy if the Squarp team swapped it out for a per-track bpm and tempo multiplier FX module.

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I know it’s an old post but I figured it may help to point out using the zoom function you can effectively double the speed by having twice as many steps available per bar, that’s what I’ve been doing to have a track be at double the tempo as what the bpm is set.