Will it be possible to add more patterns per track - 8 is limiting

I started this as a fresh thread - it’s not trying to use the Hapax as a daw topic.

hopefully, there is scope to add more patterns per track.??? - in line with other sequencers which are generally priced lower - ok they might not have the same IO - but some do and a lot have 16 patterns per track min - or unlimited tracks depending on memory.

this would be a great “key” improvement - when you think the like of an MPC for example a lot is less to buy and also offers high-quality sampling, plug -ing, fx/mixing, CV/gate - USB to audio device outs, ratches, apps, probability, touch screen ++ etc ----- I know hapax is different to this, but the MPC and others have a lot more tracks available - patterns etc

Hopefully, the firmware can handle an extra pattern memory update -???


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