What are you using for drums/samples?

Trying to see what folks are using for drums/samples with the hapax? any midi-friendly drum/sample machines?

sequence my main drums from RD-9, additional percussions and one-shots in MPC

Digitakt! :hugs:

Hey !

Rd8 / Blackbox / volca-drum / mbrane 1_1 / mbase 11

Sp404 mk2 , sh4d , logics sampler in MainStage

Ableton!! Sequencing drum racks (or Microtonic or XO) is sooo good. I use the USB connection, I now use a M4L MIDI delay thing to offset the incoming MIDI by 3ms (somehow the MIDI data coming in is 3ms early) and then I can record audio straight from drum racks/VSTs and it’s bang on the grid!

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volca sample v1 with pajen os, times 2. i sample anything i have with drum sounds, like an old boss dr5, old NI plugin, some synth drums i make on my synths…also have akai force. but they are all just sample sources.

Accoustic sounds:

  • BeatBuddy
  • Blackbox

Synthesized sounds:

  • Virus TI2

I use blackbox as well. I think it pairs really well. You can set up 2 banks of percussion for 2 drum tracks, or use the rest of your slots for other samples, multi samples, or live looping stuff like guitar or vocals. And sound quality is top notch. Easy to set up a def file to use the midi learn for ccs too.

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Akai S3000XL which I finally updated with a ZuluSCSI round back. I’ve managed to get a few old-school sample libraries on there plus plenty of room for my own patches and sounds, and it plays fantastically with the Hapax

TR-8S ! Great drum machine

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Depends, TR-6S, Boutique TR-08, BlackBox. Currently I have a DrumBrute Impact hooked up to my Hapax setup.

I love the tr8s for drums, i have loads of samplers/drum machines but the tr8s is just the most satisfying to use. Its great with the hapax.


Mind sharing more? :slight_smile:

Machinedrum. Alphabase.

i just bought sitala 2 and if youre doing danceable drums, they make it pretty easy to get what you want. the drums seem to respond to velocity. in a way that works well. but you can add a lot of standard drum processing without resorting to more plugins. hapax works well with sitala

Drums on Syntakt & occasionally the Volca Drum & Volca Kick.

Samples on SP404mk2 & Digitakt with weirdo looping/sampling with the Kaoss Pad 3.

With each of those hooked it’s super easy to run out of sequences, so the catch is balancing multitimbral use cases with monotimbral ones:

  • Syntakt digital voices 1 through 5 + each analog voice goes to a Hapax drum track. Digital 5 through 8 can be monophonic voices if wanted.
  • Volca Drum as a single drum track (even though it’s insanely cool to run as 6 independent synths).
  • Digitakt works nice as a drum track, but I often pull 1 or 2 voices to work as monotimbral slice machines.
  • 404mk2 in midi mode B with only banks A & B for sequencing. Other banks for resampling/editing.
  • KP3 more as a live looper/textural layer to go with pads played on synths than conventional sample playback, that’s what the 404 & DT are for.

S2400! Just got my Hapax but trying to setup an Instrument Definition for this.

Aim is to have about 4 dedicated channels for the S2400. Two tracks of 8 drums sounds. Then 2 tracks of pitched or sliced samples. Honestly hooking up LFOs to the filters or even pitch is a dream! Love this combo.

I’ve actually got my MPC One functioning as a sound source and midi hub. So Hapax is the main sequencer, drums on S2400, sounds from my MPC and Prologue. So prob will also use the MPC One for additional drums or sample chopping.

Since my background as a drummer, I input mainly from TD-9 & Samplepad, playback by TD-9, Vermona DRM & samplepad.