Unwanted portamento/glide effect

I recieved my Rample last week, and I’m just beginning to learn to play it. I mainly use it with the V/OCT CV assignment. I’ve noticed that whenever I use it this way, changing note up/down always creates a sort of glide/portamento effect (i. e.: the new note starts out too high if the previous note was higher or too low if the previous note was lower). I use an Arturia KeyStep for CV input. Haven’t tried with MIDI yet, so I can’t say if there’s the same problem with MIDI.

I think my issue might be the same as this one which has been closed because nobody answered it:

If you’re on OS 1.41 try to revert to OS V1.4. That worked for me. I think it’s a bug and they are aware of it. You only lose the fine tune ability, which was nice, but that change probably what is causing the bug.

‘INFO’ says ‘14’. I suppose that means I’m on OS V1.4.

I just tried with MIDI. It seems that there is no unwanted glide effect when using MIDI.

Hm - not sure about that. I was probably playing different samples with different keys, so that doesn’t really count. Now I’m trying to find out how to play the same sample with different keys (and different pitches) through MIDI. Apparently this is called “Chromatic midi mode”. Can’t make it work, though.

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