This hapax is frustrating

The most frustrating piece of equipment I’ve ever owned.
No way to delete a previous definition on instrument track. What is that? No way to just delete a definition?

Can’t get a clear answer on why my virus definition file constantly gets syntax errors.

Minimal to zero help. Should I just sell the thing? Others don’t seem to have so many problems. Really angry right now.

Create a new project and it’s got the same info in all the tracks as the previous track.
Should I list the other 10 problems I have?

Did you try the def. file reset option? The reset confirmation pops up on the right screen (easy to miss).

Hi @kfarrell70,

Maybe chilling out will help. If you want to enjoy the big boys tools. Big boys attitude is required.
As @SonicRevolutions already mentioned to you in your Virus TI thread, the line comments “#” were removed.

These little babes tell the engine to skip to next line. This allows to insert “comments” in computed files. If you remove the “#” the computer will try to read those lines, and if it doesn’t understand it (yes forunately and thanks god, no chat GPT is yet embed in the Hapax… :wink: )

Other people in your Virus TI2 thread are trying to help you, but it seems that their wise advices we not read.
So chill and you will see the light and maybe enjoy the power of Hapax.

Cheers !


Thanks, sorry this stuff is maddening to me. I don’t know why, but my mac is screwing up the file.
So my outport should be USBD and what should my OUTCHANNEL be since I’m using 3 tracks? One file for each track like
1 file = OUTPORT 1
2nd file = OUTPORT 2
3rd file = OUTPORT 3

or Do I use the same file but put OUTPORT 0 or NULL?


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On your Mac , open txt editor , goto settings , set the save type to .txt , it’s probably set to auto or rich text by default, then under that there’s a format setting , that’s probably set to auto , set that to UT8 .

Set the out channel to NULL or the first channel you want to use , eg - 1 , when you load the definition to the second track , manually change the channel on the hapax to the next channel, eg - 2

Yes for editing the file make sure you use a simple text editor. LIke @aldred advises.
The ports are these :

So no apparently you used USB so :
It would be good if you could try connecting to midi
then it would be
(or B or C or D with the little trs adaptor)
And you can use the same file for the 4 tracks.

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you should sell it.


The problem is, most of you are familiar with programming. Seems everyone on this forum understands this stuff. I’m an idiot. I don’t understand this stuff. Why don’t they make it easy for idiots to understand like me? Everything is a hack to get to work. That’s what gets to me. Nothing just works. I’ve wasted like 4 hours on this. I’m not making music = not fun. Seems to work fine for everyone else, but not me.

Thank you man. That’s what I figured was happening. I tried editing the file in console/terminal with VI but seems that it was already missing the ## and I’m not sure how I missed that. Like I said, I’m an idiot and this stuff is too complex for me.

The reason I’m not using 5 pin is that I have the hapax going into the mac via the usb port type B in the back of the hapax then the mac usb to the virus and using the Aura plugin stand alone (no daw)
I don’t know how to get everything to work with the plugin with midi 5 pin

Try it again later.

yep we are all brainiac coders who have an inside view of whats going on. hapax was intended for us only im afraid

Yes, thank you for your condescending remarks. Appreciated.

hey thanks for your frantic faffing and for not simply paying attention.


you cant use usb and din5 at the same time on the ti2 unfortunately. its something that many ti2 users lament. but its not hapax’s shortcoming. figure out a way to use din5 or sell the ti2 as well. seems to me like if you were using a pc you might have a better go at it. but you wont get around the ti2’s usb limitations. i wonder if you know of the virus b/c emulator vsti that runs the b/c firmware. maybe b/c is too old for you?

Well I’m not using 5 pin currently. Just hapax > mac … mac > Virus with USB only. No 5 pin.
I know you mentioned, I thought, that the hapax won’t work with the definition file to utilize CC’s, at least that’s what I thought you said, but others have not mentioned that. Not that I don’t believe you, I just figured I would try to get a working definition file loaded and maybe I could switch back to 5 pin if I want to utilize the CC’s if USB will not in fact work.

Not sure what you mean by B/C Emulator? Virus B / C ?

I’ve had 3 Virus Ti’s and the reason I got rid of them was because of the issue with the VST and Mac and lack of updates. I did have everything working on Mojave. I’m on my 3rd Virus now because of the way it sounds. Recently bought an Iridium and now that’s in the closet. Nothing to my ears sounds as good. But the problem with the Virus is there is no good editor out there besides the Access Ti editor, which doesn’t work.

I got the Hapax a few weeks back and couldn’t believe I got the thing up and going in 20 minutes without looking at the manual. It’s the single best sequencer I’ve ever come across. Intuitive and easy to use. But I have a lot of issues with these definition files, because I don’t understand them. I get too frustrated when I don’t know how something works and frustrated as I only have a few hours a night to make music and the past few days have been battling with the Virus definition files.

Yea I’m selling mine. Hopefully the mk2 has all the features the pyramid had.

I think MK1 will eventually…


Here’s what it looks like in txt edit app , and the settings I use , so it saves in the correct format .

You might be ok using usb to the ti and the other app you mentioned, you only have 16 midi channels on that port , as the ti is multi timbral , it could use all of those , leaving none for the app , I’m assuming you can change the midi channel of a trk on the ti , freeing up one for the app .

The only thing that might be a problem is how you divert the midi to the ti and the app .
I’m using MainStage with hapax , mainly for the sampler , I also have a Roland sh4d , normally I connect that via midi din to the hapax , but it’s also connected to my mac over usb ,as I use it as an audio Interface.
I can also send midi over usb , so I just tested sending midi from the hapax to MainStage and onto the sh4d over usb , which works OK , but I have to set it up to send midi to the correct channel and if I want to send midi cc , I have to set up that cc in MainStage , so it passes thru to the sh4d

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yes virus b / c

i dont know if you can feed ti2 with cc while you run the plugin. it would seem redundant since the plugin and hapax will be sending different values. otoh cc works! so use analog audio out and din5 with cc. but cc from hapax is not meant to be an editor! its only meant to automate parameters. if you need an editor that works with din5, check out ‘touch for virus’ on ipad.

good thing you dont need to understand definitions when they have been uploaded for you and confirmed to work by many users. just load and use. and dont try anything thats impossible and expect it to work. like usb and din5 on ti2. its one or the other. btw the virus plugin works on current windows!

Yes loaded definition and it doesn’t work with USB
I wish I could use window, but I don’t have a daw for windows. Maybe I could use fruity loops. I have a license for that.