Sysex messages through Hapax

I am trying to send sysex through Hapax to a TX81Z, but it doesnt work. Has anyone tried that ?

Midi notes are coming through from the same source as the Sysex. I tried the midi trough menu settings but no luck either

Note that I have a lot of devices in the chain so it might not be the Hapax that’s causing the issue, I am trying different configurations

Thanks !

The Hapax is a ‘soft’ thru, so it might not recognise the messages coming in and therefore not transmit them back out again. I’ve just tried to send some too my RefaceDX through the Hapax and it did seem to ignore it (I usually do SysEx stuff on the RefaceDX via USB, but obviously not an option for you!)

I am sure @Thibault_Squarp can confirm, but I think you might have to plug the TX81Z directly to your soundcard for SysEx dumps.

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Precisely so. SysEx messages are ignored.

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Thank you for the info, that clear things out