Suggestions for a better UI

I tried to summarize what seem to be a consistent UI for the whole machine
but this post is intended to evolve (or even be completely modified) depending on the corrections/suggestions that could be brought to me by other users
so go ahead! Let’s make the pyramid UI perfectly smooth and coherent for us all :slight_smile:


use a def file for all chords and scales on the machine


we still need a way to visualize the BAR currently being played!
for now, the “page” tracking is not so useful… (not a “musical value”)
as soon we are no longer in 4/4 TS it doesn’t work anymore

same thing with the visual indicator of the BPM
why choosing a graphic with 4 beats?
if we have a track with a 3/4 TS it doesn’t work anymore
the BPM indicator is wrong in this case.

it seems that the Pyramid (with its current architecture) doesn’t know what a “first beat” is
and this issue leads to some other problems like several bars on the same page (with TS other than 4/4)
with for example the first beat of the next bar which can be find on the 14th or 15th step for example…
instead to be on the beginning of the next page
this could be much (much) clearer

please! a REAL chord mode display :pray:
(not a duplicate of the PianoRoll)

muted notes are indicated on the pads, they should be indicated also on the Piano Roll (with “gray” notes for example)

we have too much space between the notes B and C and E and F
(just semitones between these notes…so it’s not proportional with the other semitone intervals in this display) we could save some precious pixels in height here…

when a group of notes is selected (mono edition) the selected area doesn’t indicate the “notes” actually, but an “area”
because the selection doesn’t take into account the length of the notes
each selected notes should be indicated individually

the same problem in the CC automation display causes an issue,
because the indicated area is not always exactly the part of the curve which gonna be actually edited


copy/paste function
(pop-up screen with two options:)
merge or replace?

a screen summarizing the patterns available on the current track
with TS, run modes, and length

all the options concerning patterns :

  • Run mode


copy/paste function
(pop-up screen with three options:)
track settings (name, channel) or track content (patterns) or both ?

1rst: a screen with all the track names (16 per page) and the active pattern on each of them
it would be nice if this screen could appear as soon as we hold the TRACK key, to visualize momentarily the track names and active patterns from any other mode

2nd: the current track DISP (progress bars)
3rd: all the different TS and length (we lost this screen since 2.0)

all the options concerning tracks :

  • names
  • call (instrument and note definitions)
  • cons
  • PTRN
  • TRSP


copy/paste function (and “delete”… like on all other modes)
(pop-up screen with two options:)
mute/unmute states or active patterns?

list of sequence names on the left (instead of 5 track names)
up to 8 names per page
playback order (with a visual indicator for the sequence currently be played)
and possibility to interact directly on this list : go through the list with the main encoder and compare the different track states thanks to the right side of the screen
(click on the encoder to: play from, move, delete…just like on the main screen)

and on the right side of the screen,
instead of tracks numbers (which are redundant considering the disposition of the 16 pads just like they are on the Pyramid panel, and with bank letter indications)
this screen part could indicate directly the numbers of the active patterns

ability to name sequences


a better file management
delete, overwriting…
reorder projects by names, dates…

all modes

possibility to quickly move and re-order patterns, tracks and sequences with left/right arrows
(just like we can move steps horizontally)



I agree with all above!

I’m not sure if it is directly “UI related” but maybe I would add the possibility to quickly move and re-order patterns, tracks and sequences with left/right arrows (just like we can move steps horizontally)
in order to bring flexibility and make the workflow a little less frozen


plus one from my side on all of the above written.


Yes yes , sorry, but now l really want to know something.
I am one of those who complain often especially about the lacks on the SEQ department, and PATTERN related problems.
But now I really wonder: does have any sense asking again and again an implementation of those modes and new updates?

I ask that because:
I sincerelly don0t understand if there is really space of bug issues.
I also don0t undersrtand if this was the last OS
I don’t understand if there is any sense to ask, hope, discuss, if everything seams so fixed and finished.

keep hope! :wink:

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Thanks to say … I should , but sincerelly I am loosing a bit of hope since there was no mention and still no mention about the major requests that we all are moving.
The real game change was on the OS 2.0 with PATTERN mode.
Now there is no room anymore for changes.
I don’t get it. What is the last OS for hardware. CAn it keep adding more and more 3.0 , 4.0 . 5,0 etc??
what is the bottom?

it is not entirely true that they say nothing.
They already said (and even many times I believe) they were currently focused on bug fixes, and v3.0 features
which seems very logical…
that does not mean it is the end of Pyramid !

do not rely too much on version numbers
they changed the numbering system from 0.87
but if you look at the history of PyraOS
you will see that from version 0.83 to version 0.87, the updates had nothing to envy to 2.0 and 3.0 :wink:

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mmh … well … so… I stay, I play, I hope.
Let’s see …
BUt I hope in some fresh news soon .

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Actually there’s already a bunch of little course-corrections based on user feedback that already found its way into the beta between 2.991 and 2.993

I think that Squarp is still adapting and figuring out how they need to approach things as a company to support both the Hermod and the Pyramid properly.

Now that I’ve slept on it, I’m feeling pretty positive about both this release and the future of PyraOS…

(@squarpadmin I might have been a little grumpy last night, blame it on New-York… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

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Hell, yes !!!

It’s pretty obvious that a bigger screen is needed…

not for the suggestions above

consistency in the UI, with the current hardware, is all we ask here (at least in this thread)

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Its pretty obvious you haven’t owned or used a Pyramid :wink:

A larger screen would be nice, but isn’t the thing really.
I would rather prefer a proper and interactive Pattern mode even with DISP allowed that a larger screen.


SEQ mode and attached/group/chain PATTERN is not the same.
It is nice to keep them split. Phisically, but conceptually is important too.
So I like SEQ logic as it is…
BUt Pattern, should be a MODE @squarpadmin !!
now , We have interaction between LIVE and STEP.
There is certaintly an interaction between STEP and TRACK
BUt we definelly miss the interaction between PATTERNS and SEQ:

It should be should no so far from the TRACK>STEP* single pattern shot’s change that we have.
proper PATTERN MODE should be TRACK>STEP>SEQ* or just SEQ>TRACK , and so open a variety of interconnected PATTERNS.
NOw, I don’t know if this should be a question of chaining or a question of groups of patterns,. better both.
But, What I think is that this mode miss, and this is clear.

MAybe the rest can continue adding points.


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Escuse me,
Working with the 'launch “clips” ', or just maybe “one shot pattern”.
I mostly need it to make ‘cresendo’ of an instruemnt before this instruments start its straight work.
For instance “trrrrrrrrrrrr” of hithats before it start its way.
Theoretically I have to waste one of the precious sequences to do that OR
otherwise just by using one pattern of the generous 32 patterns ( cause 32 patterns is good ) with all mutes pages till the end so I can have this effect. Its tedious but this work
I am just looking for other methods.

you mean “run mode”?

you just have to press 2ND+TRACK then change the RUN MODE for your pattern
you can choose “TRIG” (one shot)

(we are right on the subject -UI problem- btw …
because it’s an option for patterns, so it’s not obvious to reach it in a TRACK mode screen…)


Damn :smiley: I use pyramid always the same way and I am a bit blind.
…I understand why I couldn t see it …I just wonder why doesn’t exist a way to activate ot on the fly directly from track or a potential pattern mode ( a mose where pattere are visibly chained )

+1 for all above from my side