Suggestions for a better UI



Yes !
thank you @maximee!
I will add this to the original post later, with a couple of other suggestions that I received from other users (as soon as I have more time) :wink:

it’s indeed another inconsistency: the muted notes are indicated on the pads, but not on the screen

for legato notes … I don’t know, but for me it’s not a true legato function that has been implemented in the Pyramid (even with the latest version 2.994) so I’m still expecting something else on this feature…


Sorry , silly questions that should not be obligatory answered but… :confused:
Assuming there is not pattern chain; is there a way to make of a single pattern track different misures without switching patterns? Is maybe there a work around?

I don’t know where to ask it

thank you


I vote for all points!


Mostly great ideas, however, I disagree with your PASTE suggestion. I personally hate pop-ups. Perhaps we could invoke an overwrite by pressing delete and paste at the same time?


you mean with 2ND+PASTE+DELETE+PAD#?
a four keys combo would not be a bit too tricky?

you’re right, confirmations in pop-up are maybe not ideal but I had thought about something very easy, like for example:
merge (<) or replace (>) ?

and you just have to quickly press the left or the right arrow to choose one or the other


What about 2nd+record to toggle between merge and replace mode?

Then you can keep all the existing key combos.


why not !..
the 2ND+REC shortcut is not currently used in any mode? (I don’t have my Pyramid next to me)
but it would be necessary to have a visual indication to know, at any time, if we are in replace or merge mode
like the MONO/POLY edition in step mode for example
I think sometimes we want merge the content and sometimes just replace it, this is why I had thought it would be better to ask each time
but if the users prefer to have something more “static”, it could be also an option in the settings:
“Paste behaviour” : merge, replace, or ask :slight_smile:


personally I would prefer a dynamic option
like the suggestion in the original post
but an option in the settings would be ok I guess


There’s a ‘long press’ concept elsewhere isn’t there? Not a fan of long press toggling personally, but maybe you could have 2nd+paste+long pad press for replace. 2nd+paste+short pad press for merge?


oh yeah! I like this one! :slight_smile:


I could live with long press if the display told me whether I’d long pressed long enough to initiate a replace. At which point, you release the pads.

Would be nice if the display could periodically switch between merge/replace functions after the initial long press window whilst you are still pressing down in case you change your mind and decide you do want to do a replace after all.


On UI enhancements. I’d like to see improvements to the step lock automation. Please.

Main irritation for me is that you can’t see steps that have notes on in the automation view. I’d like it if you could toggle to show these on lit pads or not with a combo button push or long press or whatever. Maybe steps with notes could flicker like muted tracks whilst the toggle view is enabled?

Better, would be if there was a way to get an optionable view of the piano roll in, for example the top half of the display on the step automation screen. That way you’d know for sure that the step automation you were placing corresponded to a step with a note.

OK, it’s not too hard to remember “place automation on say, step 1, 6 and 9” when you are jumping between pages, and it’s only one encoder twist to switch back and forth between them. But, because you are assigning a continuous control change to the step, the CC affects all the others after it (to be expected) so if your cut off is generally say, 60, but you want to place a CC for 70 on step just for a little bit of variation or accent, you gotta put another automation on the next step to send it back to 60. This means your step lock view can quickly fill up with steps making it even harder to figure out which ones correspond to notes and which ones are values to ‘reset’ the CC. It’s even trickier when you have a longer phrase and the steps are in different places on each page of your track.

It would be great if you could define a snap-back value in the automation screen when you want to use it specifically for step locking. A bit like how you set the central value in the LFO/CC effect. With this enabled, your step lock would not have to be reset/returned to default manually on an adjacent step and step locking would perform in the way that you might be used to on, for example an Elektron device where step locks (aka parameter locks) are very elegantly deployed: Hold down you step, dial in your value - boom, done.

Feels like Pyramid isn’t far off delivering this ease of use. Would be nice to have it.


Some people are never happy, eh?



I agree that we should have a way to see where the notes are when we are in the automation screen
(but the solution consisting to divide the display seems tricky given the size of the Pyramid screen…)

however (and it would be much simpler to implement for Squarp)
repeat the same principle they did on the v3.0 to indicate the beats and the first beats with the FILLS and STEPS buttons
example: we hold the eSTEPS button when we are in the automation screen and the pads indicate where the notes are…


@Jeff @JimBrackpool
maybe I can suggest something to you guys
it’s a trick I use to solve this problem

when we are in the automation screen, a way to see the steps containing notes is to quickly switch to the STEP-Note screen (you must be in MONO editing)
just hold the STEP button and quickly turn the encoder all the way to the left to see the notes, and turning all the way to the right to return to the automations screen
fortunately, these 2 modes are at the ends of the different sub-modes (which makes this procedure easier and faster)
in any case it’s almost as fast as Jeff proposal with eSTEPS button I guess …
I hope it helps :wink: