Stuck Pad #9 on my Pyramid

I just got a used Pyramid and the #9 pad sticks consistently. It seems like this pad is the culprit for multiple people, has this ever been addressed by Squarp? Since I bought used I don’t have any sort of warranty. I’m considering opening up the case and lightly sanding the pad hole. From those who took the unit apart, do you regret it or was it pretty straightforward?

Id guess its just ‘gunk’ clogging it up…

no its not normal, Ive had my period for a long time, and its been fine - but all studios are different :wink:

generally, you can contact Squarp via the contact form, they can help you.

there are a few posts on the forum about others ‘fixing’ pads on thier units e.g.

also check out this video by @o_0 where he takes his pyramid apart and cleans it.

is it easy? well that really depends on how comfortable you are with these things…
if you are not comfortable, then sending to Squarp seems like the best solution for piece of mind :slight_smile:


Update: Squarp is a great company :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Sending back to France to get fixed, I love a company that stands by their product


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