"Sticky" pads on used unit

Hey everyone, I bought a second hand Pyramid mk2 yesterday and am loving it so far… apart from the pads. Pad #9 is the worst, sometimes it sticks down and takes some time to come back up again, or will need to be wiggled in order to pop back up.

I’ve tried opening the machine, cleaning around the pads, spraying “electrical lube” around the pads, and even sanding the inside of the holes in the enclosure around where the pads fit, with no luck.

They spring back fine with the front enclosure off, but just seem to get stuck if pressed at a certain angle. Fortunately, this is only really a cosmetic issue, as the pads function correctly even when stuck down, so maybe I can learn to live with it, but I’m wondering if anyone has any tips on how to remedy it? I’m even considering “modding” the machine somehow, though I don’t know how I’d do that… maybe more aggressive sanding to physically increase the size of the holes slightly, though that may be ugly.

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Hi @pselodux,

You should shoot us an email via the contact form, we’ll try and work something out.



Thank you, will do :slight_smile:

I’ve solved this, perhaps temporarily, by smearing a tiny amount of moisturiser between the pad and the enclosure, so it slides a bit easier. Not sure if it’ll get stuck again once the moisturiser dries up, but we’ll see :slight_smile:

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