Struggling with BPM fx

Hi All

Can anyone give me more info than the manual about how to use the bpm fx to change the global tempo? I’m struggling to get any effect (pun intended!) from it…

Is it as simple as putting the fx ON and setting a bpm and making sure the track isn’t muted within the sequence?

I can’t fathom whether it should work independently of the track’s midi channel or whether there is some sort of automation element I should be doing too.

I’d like to have a change of tempo with a change of sequence, in essence.

Thanks in advance.

Yeah - I’m an idiot! Put an actual event in there and it works!

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Can you explain how you solved this. I think I’m trying to achieve the same thing (eg Seq 1 is 122 bpm, I want it to move to 70 bpm when I switch to Seq 2) I just can’t get my head around it

Thanks in advance

Yeah no problem but I don’t have it in front of me at mo so this is from memory…!

It’s a two-stage thing - the first is to choose some settings & the second is to apply them. The second bit’s the bit I struggled with.

First: choose your track & put a bpm fx unit on it - doesn’t matter about midi channel, events, length or any of that (but I’m finding it helps to keep a track reserved for all this control stuff.) This bpm fx unit is your “settings” - you can set a bpm value here.

Second: to “apply” this bpm, go to step mode in the same track & hold step & rotate the encoder until you see the BPM fx unit become the thing you’re addressing (as opposed to notes, chords, Euclidean or anything else). Now put an event in - ie light up the first pad/step in the sequence (just like putting a note in). Now you’ve got a bpm event…

… while in step mode hit DISPLAY to show the events - you may well have an ON/OFF event instead of a BPM event or “no automation” showing but I think from here you can turn the encoder again and actually drop a line into the display that corresponds to the bpm time set in the fx unit.

Repeat for next sequence…

(… holler when it doesn’t work! I’ll be in front of it again for another 12 hours tomorrow…!)


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to avoid taking up more tracks, you can put different bpms on different patterns and then put those patterns on different sequences, so in Mrgriff’s example, you’d use, say track 64 pattern 1 and pattern 2 like so:

T64 - P1: automation event to set tempo to 122bpm
T65 - P2: automation event to set tempo to 70bpm

Then, with some more example tracks and patterns:

SEQ1: T1, T2, T3-P4, T64-P1
SEQ2: T1-P2, T2-P2, T3-P4, T64-P2

I am struggling too although I’ve tried your solutions.
The only way I can have a tempo switch is by drawing an automation lane, or editing the fx parameters as the track plays. But if I don’t, the value isnt read it seems…
My firmware is PyraOS 2.30
Any help greatly appreciated ! :slight_smile:

this is an old thread but it sort of helped me get there. i was able to switch tempo between sequences using the BPM fx. The trick is you have to remember to turn the BPM fx OFF at the end of the first sequence. So I set up a blank track in SEQ1 that had a BPM fx on it. I enabled that BPM fx in step mode on pad 1. But, I also sent a BPM fx “off” step at the end of the blank track on pad 16. That way, there is no active BPM fx running at the start of SEQ2. Then, in SEQ2, I did the same setup on a different track. That worked. Hope it helps.

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