Double the speed of Track playback

Hi. I’m a Pyramid noob. I want to be able to make a track I have already created play at double speed. This feature is available on the fly on Arturia sequencers by changing the note division of a track from 1/16th note to 1/32nd note. Can Pyramid do this?

This isn’t exactly what you are looking for because it doesn’t change the divisions but it adjusts the tempo : use bpm fx. Theres a thread here on it :

Theres another way to do it I found a couple months ago but can’t remember right now :confused:
I will post again if I find it.

One thing I do is set each track to “pattern” mode so that you can have 64 iterations. It would take some time to program, and you wouldn’t be changing the tempo, but you could effectively enter note info so that you have patterns that sound like they’re playing in double time. Then when you’re in SEQ mode you can switch around between half time patterns and double time patterns very easily.

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Yeah. I tried that, but it doesn’t just affect a single track, it alters the tempo globally. Thanks.

I have some pretty complex patterns. I would have to do a lot of work to duplicate each pattern using a smaller subdivision. Oh well. I guess I know what my first feature request will be.


I hear ya. I know this is not necessarily what you’re looking for, but you can enter arpeggiator divisions anywhere in a pattern. For instance an arp could be running along at 1/16th and then very briefly it’s sequenced to change to 1/64th and then back to 1/16th. Same for arp gate length or type. Very complex note info can be easily programmed using the arp.

But back to your specific request. I wonder if you copy a pattern and then change the time signature of the new version, could you get it to run in double time?

That’s an interesting theory. I’ll give that a shot. Thanks.

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