Status of MIDI CC Messages?

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I’ve been looking around/lurking for a while and was wondering what the status of sending MIDI CC in to CV for the Hermod was. For example, I want to connect my OP-Z to the Hermod and have the CC messages the OP-Z sends be converted to CV based. I’ve seen a few posts here that seem to hint that this is possible, but would love to know more and if there are any limitations.


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yes its possible…
set the track to modulation, then change midi in-> input mod to the cc you want to use as the source for the modulation track.

(another thing you can do which is cool, is use external CC to alter the mod matrix :slight_smile: )

limitation… like what?
do you have something in mind, other than converting cc to cv?
its limited to using cc1-cc119, but controllers should not be using anything beyond this really, as they are all ‘special use’ e.g. all notes off.


Okay cool! This also kind of echoes what I was reading here, but in terms of limitations it sounds like you can only get one CC per Midi track. Is this true or can you map multiple CC’s per midi track?

I think your looking at it the wrong way around…
There is only one CV output per ‘track’, so wouldn’t really make much sense to map multiple CCs to it…
what you cannot do (afaik) is map the gate output to a cc, you would do that with a note track.

What you can do, as mentioned above, is map 4 cc’s to the mod matrix to map to fx parameters.

( I don’t really understand what issue the other thread was taking about)

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I think we’re conflating the ideas of tracks here with MIDI tracks vs. Hermod tracks. What I’m wondering is possible is if I would be able to use multiple incoming cc’s from MIDI IN’s Track 1 and multiple incoming cc’s from MIDI IN’s Track 2 (or otherwise) and map those to different CV outputs. So for the first four Hermod outputs, map those to MIDI Track 1, CC messages 3,4,5,6 (or whatever), and then for the last four map them MIDI Track 2’s cc messages 3,4,5,6 or 4,5,6,10 (or whatever).

It’s kind of like this:

Hermod CV Outputs:
CV OUT 1: [MIDI IN Track 1 CC 1]
CV OUT 2: [MIDI IN Track 1 CC 2]
CV OUT 3: [MIDI IN Track 1 CC 3]
CV OUT 4: [MIDI IN Track 1 CC 4]
CV OUT 5: [MIDI IN Track 2 CC 1]
CV OUT 6: [MIDI IN Track 2 CC 2]
CV OUT 7: [MIDI IN Track 2 CC 3]
CV OUT 8: [MIDI IN Track 2 CC 4]

Midi does not have tracks it has channels.
You can set the midi channel a hermod track uses on the settings menu.

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Ah my mistake! Okay I think this makes sense, so the above diagram would be possible, provided it’s MIDI Channel 1/2/3/etc.?

nearly, except one limitation I forgot :wink:

CC1 is active on all tracks, even if input mod is set differently
so you would not want to use cc1, but any others CCs will work as your expect.

(@squarpadmin, Id prefer this was not the case, i.e. input mod defaults to 1, but if its set to 2 it should only
respond to 2, not 1 & 2)

so the following would work as you expect.
CV OUT 1: modulation track, midi ch 1 , input mod CC 2
CV OUT 2: modulation track, midi ch 1 , input mod CC 3
CV OUT 3: modulation track, midi ch 1 , input mod CC 4
CV OUT 4: modulation track, midi ch 1 , input mod CC 5
CV OUT 5: modulation track, midi ch 2 , input mod CC 2
CV OUT 6: modulation track, midi ch 2 , input mod CC 3
CV OUT 7: modulation track, midi ch 2 , input mod CC 4
CV OUT 8: modulation track, midi ch 2 , input mod CC 5

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Okay awesome! This is exactly the answer I was looking for, thank you :slight_smile:

reported too !

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I would also prefer the midi in channel to be on the midi in effect (like the midi out). This would be more flexible especially over different sequences. Seems a little buried in the settings menu (along with a few other settings which could also be assigned on a track level).

Hey Technobear you seem to know a lot about this, do. you know what cc the modulation track is automatically attached to if any?

For example, if I want to use track 1 as notes on say midi ch1 (going to a osc) then track 2 being a modulation track also on midi channel 1.

I want to be able to send a clip from ableton which contains note data and midi cc to midi ch1 so that it plays notes on track 1 (to my osc) and also then sends modulation on track 1 to my filter cut off (on track 2 of hermod) but I was wondering if the modulation lane in hermod is already mapped to a cc value or can I set this to whatever cc I want.

God i hope that makes sense lol