Stand for Pyramid

Any tips for a good desk stand for Pyramid ?

How is the official one, does it raise it enough?

Tried to find some 3D printed ones, but could not find any ?


How far do you need it raised?
Mine is on a (discontinued) laptop attachment that attaches to the top of the column on a K&M Spider Stand (for keyboards).

Im tall, tho.

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Well ideally i would like it angle so the back of the unit is raised 6-8 cm (the front still touching the desk) not sure how much the official stand raises it.

The wood sides that’s on the Squarp site raise the front about 1cm and the back about 4.5cm.

I cant math to express in change of pitch, but it would seem insufficient perhaps.

I was after a similar thing and made my own.
I did not want it to change the overall dimensions, which the side panels do.
Top of the Pyramid is 8cm.


Thanx, yes that seems a little to “bland” :slight_smile:

Nice, thanx for sharing! Im looking to make my own 3D printed, as my brother has one and he is dying to put it to something useful apart from his RC spare parts lol.

I also would like something less obtrusive and keeping the dimensions is important as i have limited desk space as it is.

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If you two create a design can you share it on thingiverse or something like it so I can give it a print?

Yeah I will design one and if I’m feeling like taking it to the next level I’ll have my best friend CAD it for me he is an industrial designer by trade, so it will be a child’s play for him. :rofl:

Once it’s done ill be happy to share it for others to print on ThingiVerse!


the squarp stand only alters the angle a small amount - but in my setup that made it quite a bit more comfortable - mainly screen angle improved readability.

However, I suspect the perfect angle depends on factors like how far back the pyramid is on your desk, how high your desk is, if you have it on a raised surface. So if you want it ‘perfect’ either you have to make it for yourself or it has to be adjustable.

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So finally got around designing a simple stand for my Pyramid, done I SketchUp, and printed on my brothers Anycubic Mega S printer.

It’s sturdy and it should be enough with just one of the risers in the middle.

It raises the back edge 6.5cm so it’s quite a steep angle, I have a lower version ready to print if this one proves to be too steep.

But this allows me to see the screen and controls even from a little distance.

The stand fits snuggly so it stays on when you lift/move the unit.

Will test it this coming week and for next version will probably add some cable management etc.


Hey that’s pretty nice!

It is steep yeah, wonder how your wrists will feel after a long session.

Is that a Launchpad X? I was thinking about something like that - how do you use that with the Pyramid?

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Yeah it’s pretty steep, but after using it for a few hours today i didn’t notice any fatigue in my wrists, not yet anyways.

The main benefit is that it save my neck as i do not have to lean over it, now i can also see the display very clearly, even when working with my gear to the left/right (out of frame mounted on in racks. But also on pull out shelf under my desk where i have more gear.

Is there cross bracing? What you have looks really cool, it’s just that from the angle of the photo you took I can’t tell if it’s two printed pieces or one printed piece with support between the stands… Could you make the stl available?


Now cross bracing, two separate pieces. I tested with just one and it worked, didn’t really wobble. But for peace of mind I’m using two.

The two pieces fit snug onto the back profile of the Pyramid so when you lift it up it stays in place.

Sure ill upload it later, my brother got the file!:+1:

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Here is the latest version.

I lowered it slightly and made the edges a little smoother.

One is more than sufficient, i use one stand in the middle and it’s very stable no issues at all.

STL file for download



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Finished my print just now. It looks really good and fits nice and tight. Think I’m gonna print off another one for extra stability though.


Cool!! Nice! :+1:

It has a tiny bit of that hotbed warping that I can’t seem to sort out just yet, but like I said… the dimensions are absolutely spot on…

Printed in PETG with 20% infill in the Gyroid pattern.