Stand for Hapax

Yo peeps, I recently received a custom stand from Alex at Fonik for my Hapax should anyone else be interested in getting one:



A lil bit too chonky for my taste, but would like to see what other kinds of stands people are using!

Congrats tho @acatcalledanarchy :partying_face:

I use a cheap $40 laptop arm stand that can pivot and swivel around my setup and works great for me. :sunglasses:


Hey do you have a link to where you got that stand?

In the first post

I’ve been using a 3D waves stand designed for the Peak but which works really well for the Hapax. Also allows some space below for keyboards or other sequencers :slight_smile:


Oxi and Hapax :thinking: how are you using them?

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Never use them together (not yet at least). Hapax for serious work, OXI for kicks and giggles


Haha, fair enough. Using them together sounds like a big midi headache :joy:

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Can you post a pic (or link) of that w/o the Hapax on it?
Is it sturdy? I always assume they’ll wiggle and shake too much when I play the buttons.

I wish every piece of gear out there was compatible with vesa mounts (there is of course an option to take off the backplate, drill some holes and cut some threads yourself, if possible) - I would mount half of my gear on a few of these: LX Desk Mount Monitor Arm | Ergotron

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