3d printed stands for Hapax

Hi all. I’ve modeled some stands for the Hapax to be printed on a 3d printer. I don’t have my Hapax yet, so I haven’t been able to test them yet. STL model is available here: https://www.printables.com/model/272458-squarp-hapax-stand

If you print and can test with a Hapax, let me know if they are good. Squarp was nice enough to send me the model for the base of the Hapax, so they should fit well.


Will print these while I’m waiting for updates from DHL!

What’s the holes for?


The cutout with the holes is so you can mount a divider of wood etc. if you wish to do so.

I might try this out :slight_smile:



I designed and added a cross brace if you want to use it. Same link as above. Not sure it’s wide enough - it’s 180mm across. I don’t have my Hapax yet, so please provide feedback if you’re able to print it.


Looks great! What printer do you use?

Ender 3 v2 that has several upgrades.

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someone printed this already and put it under the Hapax?

Sorry, I just reread your question and now understand what you’re asking. I’m curious as well if anybody has actually tried setting a Hapax on it to see how it works. My Hapax arrives next week, so I will test as soon as I get it.

Yes I only print it when it actually fits…:wink: And perfect that arrives next week.

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I haven’t had the opportunity to print it yet

I was wondering how slippery it would be, though.
Hapax has rubber feet to stay firmly on the table, but this is completely smooth on the bottom.

I might tweak the model to add a recess for those same rubber feet.

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You can put small rubber bumpers on the stand to help with any movement that’s what I’m planning on doing.

My Hapax arrives today, so I’ll try it out.

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Hapax on the stand is great. The cross brace is wide enough for studio use - I’ve been banging on the Hapax all night without any issues. If you’re going to perform with it, you might want to print a wider brace. I put two small rubber bumpers on the front of the lower lip - that’s holding it in place fine, no sliding at all.

Cool will start the print now and hopefully I get my Hapax soon :stuck_out_tongue:

Here are some pics showing where I placed silicone rubber bumpers on the stand. It’s very stable, no-slip with these on the stand.

It’s just waiting for the Hapax to come on top of it :slight_smile:


Your “Hapax” is upside down! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep I know but I am too lazy to get the screws out and put it the other way around :slight_smile:


Thank you !

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