Squarp Website Not Displaying for Me

Windows 7, Firefox something something
Disabled Add Ons
Nothing renders on the page
There’s html/css stuff there (via [View Source]), but nothing renders

Is this going on for anyone else?

[Insert image of Abe Simpson yelling at clouds]
This is why I avoid online manuals! LOL

Edit to add: that’s the Squarp.net page.
Obvs I can get into squarp.community. :sunglasses:


Same here. Neither Firefox nor Safari render anything, macOS 10.14.

If it’s the manual you’re after, check out this thread:

EDIT: Argh. I see you already know about that thread. :upside_down_face:

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So…I’m not going crazy.
(Okay, I already am but: sshhhhh)

And thanks for the link, but I’m Rampling. :sunglasses:
nom nom nom glitch glitch Bzzzzzz bwarm Kachunk-chunk BOOM


Oooh, but THANK YOU for reminding me of that link!
I don’t have Version 3!

Should be fixed, now.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Btw: the website is a Progressive Web App, and can be saved on the homescreen of a smart device, for offline consultation of the manuals :wink:



This was posted and resolved over a year ago.
I will close this thread.
If you’re having problems with the website, it is not related to the issue from this thread.