UNOFFICIAL Pyramid PDF Manual - UPDATED 6-19

Hi all. I took it upon myself to edit/revise the online Pyramid manual based on the current website manual.

I took some liberties with the language. As an English speaking American, I changed a few words and phrases around. I also added a table of contents. It was my intention to get it printed out for myself, but that turned out to be way too expensive.

Version 3

  • Added ePub ebook version
  • More reliably “clickable” table of contents
  • Further reorganizing
  • Page numbers
    (by gaining page numbers, some of the graphics are a bit wonky)

Version 3 currently available here:




Hey Ryan, that was very nice of you to do. Thanks for sharing. Although I do miss the Frenglish version :wink:

I haven’t read thru this yet
Very awesome for you to do this!
Thank you!

This is AWESOME! Thank you…

Thanks for all the thanks! This is based entirely on the work of the guys at Squarp. Just editing HTML, changing a few words, clarifying a few concepts, and generating an indexed PDF. I have contacted the Squarp team and they gave OK to share.

That said, since this is an UNOFFICIAL manual, I don’t see why we can’t include further changes. If you find any typos or errors, please let me know!



excellent contribution, thanks!!

Updated to include missing chapter and re-arrange some content. Version 2 found at top post.

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Small point: page numbers would be an advantage and clickable table of contents.

Hmm, table of contents are definitely clickable for me. Both in a PDF viewer, and browser.

As for page numbers, good suggestion, thanks. I’ll see if that’s easy to do (converting from html to PDF can be tricky, but there’s lots of ways to do it).

Added page numbers. TOC works on the computer and new ebook, but not on mobile. Perhaps that’s what you experienced.

thanks so much for putting this together! really helpful!

Brilliant. Thank you.

Cool, thanks! On my laptop with a hi-res screen on the small side this is way more confortable to read than the 2-column layout of the official pdf.

Thanks for putting time to make a better manual. Glad it’s not a 2 col layout as well. Keep up the great work!

Thanks much for this, I just got my Pyramid and it’s a little daunting. I’m upgrading from a BeatStep Pro and am sure this will be a great resource to fall back on as I learn how to use and integrate this machine with my Studio - cheers!

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Thanks! Hope you find it useful. Please keep in mind my PDF is over a year old, and the official manual is more up to date by now.