Sections vs Rows and Song mode

I’m reading the manual about sections and trying to understand when I would use a section, instead of rows and the “row selector” button. In the example in the manual, it seems like sections are analogous to rows, but because they can contain patterns across multiple rows, they offer more flexibility to create arbitrary pattern groupings, and would eliminate the duplication needed to use rows alone to create groupings that happened to share patterns.

Is that right?

For song mode, it would be very helpful if a song could be an arrangement of sections or rows. If we can think of rows as sections that happen to have a predefined set of patterns and a convenient “select” button, this could work. I can definitely see myself wanting to create a song out of rows.

It would also be cool if there was a way for buttons to launch sections. Like, if 2nd+row select 1 could launch the first section, 2nd+row select 2 could launch the second section, etc.

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sections are more arbitrary than rows…

so the row buttons work very similar to scenes in ableton - you activate all patterns in that row.

where as a section is any group of patterns…

nice thing is you can mix and match between these…
its pretty quick to launch a section, as its just select section and hit main encoder.

you seem to be able to have an arbitrary number of sections… at least I haven’t hit a limit yet… though can’t say I tried, so probably is one :wink: … but certainly more sections that there are row buttons.

From my experience with Hermod, it can be a challenge to rotate an encoder button very quickly and precisely, as well as press an encoder button without accidentally rotating it. I’ll add this to my list of feature requests, thanks.

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Screen is larger on hapax , so I find it easy to see and use on hapax

Personally , I’d recommend trying what’s there and gaining some experience - before deciding what needs changing :wink:


I had no problem seeing the screen on Hermod, it was about muscle memory. I’ve used enough sequencers with rotary push encoders to know that they can be challenging to use in a live situation where you’re juggling a lot of things. However, I will wait to actually try Hapax before commenting further. Maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised!

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I am patiently refreshing the DHL page once every few seconds for the next week before I pass judgement. I will say, I quite liked how sections worked on the Pyramid, but rows may remove the need for that type of flow.

Things could work out fine as they are but, without having put hands on one yet, I do think that some mode where the sections listed on the screen and use the row launch buttons to trigger sections would be nice even just from a “once I’ve figured out sections, maybe I don’t need the encoder” perspective

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