Save synth patch number in project

Hello, maybe I didn’t find this function, but how can I make it so that the number of the active patch in the synthesizer is automatically written to the pattern? It is very inconvenient after a new inclusion to remember what kind of sound this or that part was played. Is it possible ?

I think last paragraph on page 70 of current manual describes what you want to achieve. It’s called Program Change and allows to automate the switch to a particular preset of a synth.

yes, I know about this setting. But I’m talking about something else. About automatically assigning a patch number to the selected track without dancing with program number selection. you just recorded a track, turned off all the devices. And a month later I just turned everything back on and everything will play with the sound it was recorded with. I mean the same thing when, for example, in Cubase you open a project, and there all vst have exactly the programs that were used when recording the project.

Depending on your setup you might also be able to have Hapax listen to (and record) program change messages from the synth. Configure your synths to send PC and Hapax to receive it under Settings->Midi Input.

I mostly select the patch from Hapax to make sure it’s set correctly and it works pretty well in the scenario you’re describing (close project and return to it after a month).

Yeah unfortunately due to how MIDI works there isn’t really a way to make this nearly as seamless as you would in a DAW. You could get the Hapax to listen to PC messages from your synth, but I wouldn’t recommend it due to MIDI loops and generally it’ll be far more hassle in the end than just putting the PC messages into your tracks, or the the really old fashioned way of writing down notes on a bit of paper (which I still do)

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i add the patch number to my track name. then i manually load up the patch for each track. not ideal, but it works.

Save your patch as you want it to be recalled in the respective synthesizer then save your Hapax pattern or track with the PC number of that patch. Save your project, then whenever you reload that hapax project, the synthesizers patch will be recalled as you saved it.