Save/Load dialogue fails to show

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Hi there, exactly this has happened to me now, second time in 2 days. It does look like a bug, and a very annoying one, as you can’t save your work.
Latest firmware is more than a year old, perhaps it’s time to update? (Before purchasing I’ve read articles going into raptures over frequent updates…)

Ive never seen this… and apart from that one post, I’ve not seen it reported by anyone else…
… and as you point out, it prevents saving, so is pretty serious - so, if it was common, it be all over this forum :wink:

one thing, id be concerned it might be your sdcard is causing read issues… so when it tries to access it, it ‘fails’ some how. but its only a guess (as we have seen other sdcard issues occasionally)

What I would do is backup your sdcard (*)
a) try with a new sdcard (preferable)
b) format existing card

then see if it continues to cause issues.

(*) do this anyway, in case the card is going to fail!

other than that, since the above user did not get back, as to what resolved the issue - Id contact Squarp via the contact form , see if they have any other ideas.

its a mature product,
Squarp have been very clear, for a few years now, they were reaching limits on hardware capabilities, so new major features were unlikely…
of course, that does not mean they won’t fix reported issues.

Happened to me too, I think 2 or 3 times. Nothing left to do but power cycle the unit. Definitely a rare bug I’d say, still using the SD that was in it when it happened without any issues.

hey, thanks for the reply.
my logic would say this isn’t a card issue, as i don’t even get to the option to save or load, the menu doesn’t appear. so it’s not happening while saving. but i will definitely give it a shot, thanks.

so, for you it just stopped happening without doing anything?

Yep, waiting for the next time it happens…

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