2nd+Save/Load does not show Save/Load dialogue

I was working on a track yesterday and tried to save it after some changes, but pressing 2nd+Save/Load did not do anything.
2nd+Undo and 2nd+Delete worked fine, and i saved my session like 10 minutes before, so my question would be what condition would block 2nd+Save/Load. I understand that you can Save both in Track and Sequence mode, but both did not work.

Hey clouddistiller, that sure seems odd. I am not aware of a condition that would prevent you from saving or loading. And I have no issues launching 2nd+Save/Load from any of the 4 modes. As a thought, maybe backup your saved data and load another copy of firmware to SD and force FW install (https://squarp.net/pyramid/firmware). And if that doesn’t resolve it then open a ticket with support → https://squarp.net/contact

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Ok, thanks! I’ll get back if this happens again.

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